Causes of Infertility: An Overview by an IVF Expert

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Fertility, IVF

There has been an increase in the incidence of infertility over the past few years. More and more couples are visiting IVF clinic to take help. This may be partly due to an increase in awareness among the population. However, there are certain factors which contribute to this alarming rise among the millennial couples.

What are factors contributing to increase in infertility?

Dr. Mona Dahiya, a distinguished IVF doctor in Noida, enlisted some common issues pertaining to modern lifestyle affect the fertility of couples.

  1. Modern Lifestyle: The stress of modern day living and unhealthy habits impacts infertility adversely. Tobacco, alcohol, stress, obesity are harmful to the fertility of man and woman. These factors have contributed to decline in semen parameters as noted. It is therefore important to have a healthy lifestyle to boost fertility.
  2. Delayed Pregnancy: Dr Mona Dahiya, expert IVF doctor in Noida, confirms that fertility declines with age. In females, it begins to decline after 30 years and after 35 years the decline is steep with each passing yea. Modern day couples in order to pursue career goals are postponing conception and thus face issues if child bearing occurs late in life.
  3. Pesticides: Fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy life. Though they are the source of providing vitamins and fibre, yet many of them also come with pesticide residues.
Infertility Causes: An Overview by World Renowned IVF Specialist

Infertility Causes: An Overview by World Renowned IVF Specialist

Consuming more fruits and vegetables with high amounts of pesticide residue lowers the chance of pregnancy and a higher risk of pregnancy loss, warned by prominent IVF doctor in Noida. There has been growing concern that exposure to pesticides can affect us to certain acute and chronic human health issues.

Drugs & Wrong Medication: Drinking, smoking, drug & cosmetics usage, and/or wrong medication too can cause serious damage to your ability to conceive a child. As aspiring parents, couples should avoid use of un-indicated drugs and consult a doctor before starting any medication.
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