What is IUI Treatment & IUI Treatment Success Rate?

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What is IUI?

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) Treatment is a Cost Effective & Minimal Invasive Infertility procedure suggested for Young Married Women in the Age Group of (25-29) with No Known Disorders of Ovulation, Endometriosis, Blocked Fallopian Tubes and NO Male Factor Infertility issues in Husband.IUI Success Rate Ranges Between (25-75) % Depending upon the Age and Number of IUI Cycles.

IUI Treatment is ideally suggested for Young Married Couples who are unable to conceive Naturally after 1 Year of Unprotected Active Sexual Engagement. Infertility can be connected to Male Infertility Factors, Female Infertility Factors or a Combination of Both Factors.


What are IUI Treatment Tests?

MALE SPERM ANALYSIS: Male Partner Sperm Analysis is done to diagnose Sperm Concentration, Sperm Volume, Sperm Motility & FSH Levels. Certain Other Tests may be required for Ejaculation Obstructions, Infections, Varicoceles or Genetic Abnormalities. Certain Pathology Corrections may be suggested before the IUI Treatment to improve Sperm Quality.

FEMALE INFERTILITY TESTS: Causes of Infertility in Young Women could be related to Ovulation Disorders, Endometriosis, Thin Endometrium, Polycystic Ovaries, Thyroid, and Menopause issues. Blood Tests to find out FSH Levels, TSH Levels, Progesterone Levels, Follicle Count & Ultrasound for Tubal Disorders are the common Tests.

What is IUI Treatment Process?

IUI procedure involves the following 5 Steps-

  1. Sperm Collection: Every Infertility Clinic in India is required to have a Sperm/Specimen Collection Room with a Chair, Sink & Toilet. The Male Partner collects his sperm in a Small Container and hands it over to the Laboratory.
  2. Sperm Analysis: Semen Analysis is a very important part of the IUI Procedure. Semen Analysis Tests are done to find out the Sperm Count & Total Motile Sperms (TMS) with Progressive Motility.
  3. Sperm Preparation: Sperm preparation is done to separate seminal fluid that contains prostaglandins from sperm by centrifugation so that it can be transferred into the Uterus. This process is also known as Sperm Washing.
  4. Ovulation Induction: A Very Important Step in the Process of IUI Treatment is about stimulating a Woman’s Ovaries through certain Oral Drugs Like Clomiphene, Tamoxifen, Letrozole & Gonadotropins to produce the Required Follicles.
  5. Insemination: Before the Insemination, Ultrasound Tests are done to Find out the Follicular Levels & Endometrial Thickness. Transfer of Healthy Male Sperms is Usually done (5-7) Days after Ovulation.

IUI Treatment Success Rate:

The IUI Treatment Success Rate of at IVF Clinics in India depend on the number of IUI Cycles-

  • 1st IUI Cycle: Success Rate of (25-50) %.
  • 2nd IUI Cycle: Success Rate of (50-75) %.
  • 3rd IUI Cycle: Success Rate of (75-90) %.

Little Angel IVF has the Most Advanced Facilities for IUI Treatment in India. We Offer the Finest Facilities for Intra Uterine Insemination with the Highest IU Success Rate in India of 75%. In Cases of Male Genetic Disorders, IUI Treatment can also be done with Donor sperm.

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Is IUI Treatment Safe?

IUI Treatment is a Very Safe procedure with literally minimal Risks or Side Effects.IUI Procedure is perhaps the Safest Infertility Procedure that is not just painless but also does not have a prescribed post-procedure recovery. As a matter of fact, even the chances of getting a non-threatening complication or infection are at best rare. That being said, below are the possibilities of IUI risks that patients are explained at all of our IVF Centres in India.

  1. Ovarian Hyper Stimulation: During the IVF process, certain ovulation Drugs are given to stimulate the ovaries to produce a Healthy Mature Egg. However, in some rare cases, Ovaries tend to get Hyper Stimulated (Swelling). A woman with Hyper stimulated Ovaries can experience Mild Abdomen Pain apart from a feeling of Bloating & Nausea.
  2. Chances of Twin Births: Highly Stimulated Ovaries may end up producing More than 1 Mature Egg. In such a scenario, there is an increased chance of more than 1 Egg getting fertilized during the Sperm transfer process. This possibility can lead to the Birth of Twins or in rare cases Triplets. Most Patients are often excited about the Possibility of Twins and regard it as a Blessing in Disguise.
  3. Infections: The Possibility of getting an infection is very rare as all sperm are Washed and scanned for any sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to get the IUI procedure done in an Infertility Clinic with High Hygiene & Cleanliness Standards.

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Who Should Choose to Go For IUI Treatment?

There are many Assisted Reproductive Techniques Like IUI, IVF, ICSI, Mini IVF, Frozen Embryo Transfer, IVF With Donor Eggs, IVF With Donor sperm or for that Matter IVF through Surrogacy. Amongst all the Infertility Techniques Treatment is the Simplest, Quickest & Most Cost-Effective Infertility Treatment.IUI is very helpful in the following Two cases of Infertility related issues with Young Married Couples.

  1. Male Infertility Problems related to Erectile Issues-Mature Ejaculation, Sperm Quality, Sperm Count & Sperm Movement.
  2. Female Infertility Problems Caused by Mild Endometriosis, Miscarriage or Unexplained Infertility issues not related to Age.

Why Does IUI Treatment Fail Sometimes?

IUI Treatment is likely to Fail in situations when it is not recommended. IUI Process is the First Stage of Infertility Treatment and is not an Ideal Option in the following 3 Scenarios.

  1. Women Trying to Conceive in the Late Thirties.
  2. Women with Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Severe Case of Endometriosis & Low Egg Quality.
  3. Men with Low Sperm Quality and Low Sperm Count.

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How Much Does IUI Treatment Cost?

The Cost of IUI Treatment at All of Our IVF Clinics in India is Rs 15, 000/- INR (Indian Rupees) equivalent to approximately 200 US Dollars. Most Private & Public Organizations Cover the Cost of IUI Treatment as Part of HR Medical Benefits. The Good News is that IUI Treatment Cost is Covered by many insurance Companies.

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