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Our Mini IVF Treatment Clinic in Noida offers a low-medication IVF alternative. Mini IVF Treatment is Focused on quality over quantity of eggs and is ideal for patients seeking a Gentler Approach.


Little Angel IVF is a Top MINI IVF Treatment Clinic in Noida. Our approach to Mini IVF treatment emphasizes a gentler, less invasive process. It involves using lower doses of fertility drugs to stimulate egg production, reducing side effects and discomfort. This method focuses on quality over quantity of eggs, tailored to each patient’s unique health profile and fertility goals.

Expert Team | Led by Top Fertility Expert Dr Mona Dahiya

Customized Treatment | Personalized Mini IVF Protocols.

Advanced Technology | Precise and Effective Mini IVF Procedures.

Patient-Centric Approach | Supportive & Compassionate Environment.

High Success Rates | Best Successful Mini IVF Rates.

Complete Care | Consultation, Procedure to Post-Treatment Support.

Affordable | Cost-effective Mini IVF options with Highest Quality.

Little Angel IVF a top choice for patients seeking Mini IVF treatment in Noida, reflecting our commitment to excellence in fertility care.

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We follow a comprehensive approach at our Mini IVF Clinic in Noida.

Consultation and Evaluation:

  • Complete assessment of the patient’s medical history.
  • Blood tests and ultrasounds to evaluate ovarian reserve.

Customized Treatment Plan:

  • Personalized Mini IVF protocol based on fertility health.
  • Lower doses of fertility medications to stimulate ovaries.

Ovarian Stimulation:

  • Administration of a minimal amount of fertility drugs.
  • Regular monitoring of egg development through Tests.

Egg Retrieval:

  • Egg Collection performed under mild sedation.
  • Done by a fine needle guided by ultrasound.

Fertilization and Embryo Culture:

  • Eggs are fertilized with sperm in a laboratory.
  • Embryos Monitoring for to assess their development.

Embryo Transfer:

  • Selection of the best quality embryo(s) for transfer.
  • Transfer of the embryo(s) into the uterus.

    At our Mini IVF centre in Noida, the focus is on Post Transfer care. All the Patients receive detailed post-procedure care instructions that include lifestyle advice and ongoing follow-ups. Our Holistic supportive approach ensures a less invasive and more comfortable treatment journey with positive outcomes from the Mini IVF Procedure.

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    Consult Dr. Mona Dahiya, a globally acclaimed infertility specialist renowned for her pioneering work in Mini IVF procedures, at our clinic in Noida. Her expertise is grounded in over 25 years of experience and prestigious medical degrees, including an MBBS from Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi, and an MD in Obstetrics & Gynecology from Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi. She also holds a fellowship in reproductive medicine from the renowned Singapore General Hospital.

    Dr. Dahiya advocates for lower dose medication for egg stimulation, emphasizing the health and financial benefits of Minimal Stimulation IVF over conventional methods. She recommends Mini IVF especially for women below the age of 35, considering its effectiveness and reduced health risks. Her success stories in Mini IVF have become case study references in medical colleges across India. As an author of over 100 publications on Mini IVF treatment, her contributions extend globally, transforming the lives of over 5000 couples. People from over 50 countries seek Dr. Dahiya’s expertise for second opinions on fertility planning, making her a highly respected figure in the field.


    The Benefits of Minimal Stimulation IVF include:

    Lower RISK: Lower drug doses significantly reduce OHSS risks.

    Lower Cost: Fewer medications and visits cut overall IVF costs.

    Better Quality: Retrieves better quality eggs effectively.

    Low Stress: Less demanding process for a stress-free experience.

    Faster Recovery: Lower treatment intensity enables faster recovery.

    PCOS Patients: Ideal for PCOS women with low ovarian reserve.

    Comfort: Less invasive, psychologically easier for patients.

    Getting Mini IVF at our Noida clinic offers several benefits. We use minimal drugs, lowering risks and side effects. Our focus on quality egg retrieval enhances embryo viability. Each procedure is personally overseen by Dr. Mona Dahiya, ensuring world-class care. With high success rates, our patient-centered approach guarantees optimal outcomes and satisfaction.


    What Are the Steps for Mini IVF?
    Below are the Steps of Mini IVF:

    • Initial Consultation: Assess fertility goals and health.
    • Fertility Evaluation: Hormonal tests and ultrasounds.
    • Mild Ovarian Stimulation: Using lower hormone doses.
    • Egg Retrieval: Collecting eggs minimally invasively.
    • Fertilization: Sperm and egg combined in lab.
    • Embryo Development: Monitoring embryo growth.
    • Embryo Transfer: Placing embryo in uterus.

    How Many Injections for Mini IVF?

    In Mini IVF, the number of injections is significantly reduced compared to traditional IVF. In Mini IVF patients receive about (5-10) injections over a shorter stimulation period as opposed to (20-40) injections in Conventional IVF. This reduction in hormonal medication not only minimizes side effects but also makes the process more comfortable and less invasive.

    Is Mini IVF Painful?

    Mini IVF is less painful compared to traditional IVF due to the lower dosage of hormonal injections used. Patients often experience less discomfort and fewer side effects. The egg retrieval process is minimally invasive, usually performed under mild sedation, making it a more comfortable experience overall.

    Is Mini IVF Successful?

    Mini IVF is particularly successful for specific patient profiles, often showing a 20% higher success rate compared to conventional IVF for these groups. Ideal candidates include:

    • Women with a high ovarian reserve.
    • Older women or those with diminished ovarian reserve.
    • Ideal for hormone-sensitive individuals which reduces OHSS risk.
    • Patients preferring a less medication-intensive approach.

    Focusing on egg quality, Mini IVF can lead to healthier embryos, making it an effective option for these patients.

    What Age Is Mini IVF For?

    Mini IVF is suitable for a range of ages, particularly beneficial for women in their late 30s and 40s, or those with a diminished ovarian reserve. It is also an option for younger women who prefer a less medication-intensive approach or have specific health concerns like hormone sensitivity.

    How Much Does Mini IVF Cost in India?

    Cost of Mini IVF in India costs between ₹1,00,000 to ₹1,50,000, depending on the clinic and specific treatment requirements. This cost is generally lower than conventional IVF due to reduced medication and monitoring needs. Additional expenses might include medication, laboratory fees, and any necessary supplementary treatments.

    Who Is a Good Candidate for Mini IVF?

    Good candidates for Mini IVF are the following:

    • Older Women: Particularly those in late 30s or 40s.
    • High Ovarian Reserve: Women with a good number of eggs.
    • Hormone Sensitive: Those who react adversely to high hormone doses.
    • Previous IVF Challenges: Women who had complications with conventional IVF.
    • Personal Preference: Seeking a less medication-intensive approach.

    Is Mini IVF Better for Egg Quality?

    Mini IVF can be better for egg quality in specific cases. It is particularly effective for women with PCOS, where lower hormone doses optimize egg development. Older women and those with high ovarian reserve also benefit, as gentle stimulation maintains egg integrity. Hormone-sensitive individuals may find Mini IVF more suitable, especially if they’ve previously experienced complications with conventional IVF methods. This approach focuses on producing fewer but higher quality eggs.

    Is Mini IVF Better For PCOS?

    Mini IVF is a better option for individuals with PCOS. Its lower hormonal stimulation aligns well with PCOS sensitivities, reducing the risk of complications like Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). This approach can lead to better quality egg retrieval and improved overall outcomes for PCOS patients seeking fertility treatment.

    How Many Appointments for Mini IVF?

    Mini IVF typically requires fewer appointments compared to conventional IVF. Patients can expect around (5-7) visits, including the initial consultation, monitoring appointments during the stimulation phase, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer. Follow-up consultations after the procedure are also part of the process. Conventional IVF requires (10-12) Visits.

    Is Mini IVF Better for Over 40?

    Mini IVF can be a favorable option for individuals over 40. It is less aggressive stimulation protocol is often better suited for older women, who may have a diminished ovarian reserve. This approach focuses on the quality of eggs rather than quantity, potentially increasing the chances of successful fertilization and implantation.

    Which Age Is Best for MINI IVF?

    The best age for Mini IVF is typically the late 30s to early 40s. At this stage, the gentler stimulation approach is beneficial, especially for those with a diminished ovarian reserve. Younger women with specific health conditions, like PCOS or hormone sensitivity, may also find Mini IVF suitable.

    Can You Have Twins with Mini IVF?

    Having twins with Mini IVF is possible but less likely compared to conventional IVF, as it typically involves transferring a single embryo to reduce risks. However, if multiple embryos are transferred, or if a single embryo splits, the chance of twins increases.

    What Size Follicles Are Needed for Mini IVF?

    In Mini IVF, follicle size is crucial for successful egg retrieval. Ideally, follicles should be about 16-20 millimeters in diameter. This size indicates mature eggs ready for retrieval. Monitoring through ultrasound helps track follicle growth to ensure they reach the optimal size before the egg retrieval procedure.

    How Many Eggs Are Retrieved in Mini IVF?

    In Mini IVF, fewer eggs are retrieved compared to conventional IVF, usually ranging from 1 to 8 eggs per cycle. The focus is on retrieving fewer but higher quality eggs due to the gentler stimulation protocol, which aligns better with certain patient profiles and reduces potential side effects.