What is Male Infertility Treatment?

Most people believe that Infertility is related to Female Infertility issues. However, the truth is that over 30% of infertility problems across the world as an average are related to Male infertility problems. That raises the moot point and a key question of causes of Male infertility.

What Are the Reasons for Male Infertility?

As per Dr Mona Dahiya, widely considered as the Best Male Infertility Doctor, the below Factors are the leading causes of male infertility.

  1. LIFESTYLE HABITS: Unhealthy lifestyle habits is considered as one of the Leading causes for male infertility problems. Below are the key factors related to lifestyle habits.
    1. Smoking
    2. Excessive Alcohol Consumption
    3. Usage of Non recommended Recreational Drugs or medicines
    4. Dietary and Exercise Habits leading to Obesity
    5. Stress Factors

    The above lifestyle habits are proving to a growing cause of Male infertility across the world.

  2. SPERM ISSUES: Sperm quality is the ability of Sperms to help in the fertilization process. Sperm Quality is dependent on the following 3 factors.
    1. Sperm Quantity
    2. Sperm Quality
    3. Sperm Movement
  3. EJACULATION PROBLEMS: Ejaculation problems are broadly classified into the following 3.
    1. Delayed Ejaculation
    2. Premature Ejaculation
    3. Retrograde/Backward Ejaculation
  4. MEDICAL ISSUES: Some medical causes can severely impact male infertility. The common ones being the following.
    1. Damage to the Prostate Gland through a Surgery or Accident
    2. Injured Spinal Cord
    3. Type-1 Diabetes
    4. Cancer Treatment
    5. Other Urinal Infections
  5. GENETIC ISSUES: Broadly, below are the 5 main reasons
    1. Oligospermia, Spermatogenesis, Azoospermia
    2. Cystic Fibrosis
    3. Chromosomal issues
    4. Noonan Syndrome
    5. Kleinfelter Syndrome

Diagnosing the causes of Infertility is the key to treating Male Infertility issues. Dr Mona Dahiya is a Male infertility expert and suggests the following tests before arriving at Male infertility treatment in greater Noida. One or more of the following are the Male Fertility Tests performed.

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Types of Male Fertility Tests?

  1. SEMEN ANALYSIS TEST: This test is done to find out the following about the male sperm.
    1. Sperm Volume and Count
    2. Sperm Concentration and Motility
    3. Sperm Shape (Morphology)

If the above tests are not normal, then the following tests are suggested to find out the root cause.

  1. Antibodies Sperm Test
  2. Vital Staining Test
  3. Peroxidase Staining Test
  4. Hormone Level Test

Dr Mona Dahiya performs evidence-based Male infertility procedures once the above Tests have revealed the exact reason for male infertility treatment in Greater Noida.

Male Infertility Treatment in Greater Noida:

At Little Angel IVF we provide treatment of male infertiliy in following 3 ways:


In some cases, the IVF Doctor may suggest SPERM DONORS if the above is not helpful.

How to Avoid Male Infertility Problems?

  1. DIET: Eat food that is High on Antioxidants. Antioxidants help in improving Sperm Quality.
  2. EXERCISE: Exercise Regularly as high body fat affects Sperm Quality and Hormone Levels.
  3. LIFESTYLE HABITS: Avoid or limit the Intake of Alcohol and Cigarettes. Strict NO to Drugs.
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Expert Opinion on Male Infertility Treatment:

Dr Mona Dahiya, considered as the Best Male Infertility Doctor in Greater Noida concludes by summarizing. A man’s general health and lifestyle affects fertility. She provides the best Male Infertility Treatment in Greater Noida. Common causes of fertility related to lifestyle and health problems include the above reasons and Emotional stress – Stress can interfere with specific hormones needed to produce sperm. Sperm count can be impacted by excessive or prolonged emotional stress. Removal of one or both testicles because of cancer influences male fertility. Banking of frozen sperm is obviously a recommendation before initiating chemotherapy. Psychiatric or alcohol drug addiction can be correlated with fertility and health. Using cannabis or cocaine reduces quality and the number of sperm. Tobacco use can lower sperm count and Steroids cause production to shrink and sperm to reduce. The use of certain prescription drugs may also contribute to infertility.

Dr. Toth was the first to describe changes Azulfidine. Vulnerability – Overexposure to environmental elements like chemicals and heat toxins can reduce sperm count. Infectious Male Infertility – Infection might momentarily affect sperm motility. Repeated bouts of sexually transmitted diseases, like Chlamydia and gonorrhoea, are most frequently associated with male infertility. These illnesses can cause scarring and congestion of sperm passage. Conditions can cause direct and retrograde movement ejaculation, including operation, urinary bladder, prostate or colorectal infections or diabetes mellitus, and the use of medications. Blockage of ejaculatory ducts or epididymis – Some guys are born with a congestion of ejaculatory ducts or the epididymis. Some men lack the tube which carries sperm-Both conditions can be brought on by infection. Anti-sperm antibody – Antibodies that target semen and weaken or disable them may occur after vasectomy, a surgical ligation of also the vas deferens for male sterilization. Even following a successful reversal, these antibodies can compromise a man’s fertility.

Anti-sperm antibody can form after any type of sex organ tract infection. Clinical Observations – several years before our microbiology laboratory was running at full capacity, we already noticed also the development of particular pelvis and menstrual flow changes in also the females when exposed to seminal fluid with active spermatozoa which were compatible with slowly advancing PID. Additional observations showing which PID never developed in also the female partners in conjugal unions where which males were azoospermia and which also the chance for PID for developing was greatly reduced with a severely oligospermia male as companion made us suspect also the spermatozoa as potential vehicles for bacteria inside the female sex organ tract. Males with very high semen count and active, bacterial infections in the sex organ tract might cause the development of PID following a short sexual exchange.

How Little Angel IVF is Best In Curing Infertility in Male:

Dr Mona Dahiya of Little Angel IVF is considered as India’s Best Male Infertility Specialist. She has written Countless National & International Journals on Male Infertility Problems. An eminent and Renowned Doctor with Fellowship from Singapore General Hospital, PG and Residency from Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi University and MBBS from Lady Hardinge Medical College Delhi University, Dr Mona Dahiya of Little Angel IVF is continuously ranked as the Best Male Infertility Specialist in Greater Noida.