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Real-Life IVF Success Stories: Our Patient’s Journey to Parenthood

Our Patient’s IVF Success Story:

I Had 2 Failed IVF Before, Almost Lost Hope

I had a very narrow opening of the womb and had previously 2 failed IVF at another center in Delhi because of this, Every time the embryo transfer was done I had bleeding. Then I consulted Dr. Mona Dahiya. She studied all my records and decided on hysteroscopy and cervical shaving. To put it briefly, I conceived after the IVF cycle with her. Unbelievable! Words are not enough to than ma’am.

"Mrs. Shahana"


My IVF Success Story Over 40 Age

An important factor that influences the outcome of IVF is the age of the wife. It is well known that as the age advances and becomes more than 35 years, both the quality and number of eggs are compromised. Many couples come to us at this stage and Dr Mona Dahiya at Little Angel IVF has successfully treated such couples who have now become proud parents. So let’s hear poor egg quality IVF success stories from Gitanjali: 

 Mrs. Gitanjali came to Little Angel IVF as she was planning to conceive but was having problems. She was 41 years of age and was married for the last 1 year. A detailed workup was done by the team under the guidance of Dr. Mona Dahiya. Her AMH was 0.4ng/ml and the ultrasound showed a decreased egg reserve. A treatment plan was made considering all this and the patient was counseled for embryo pooling if the need arises. She underwent IVF and embryo pooling was done by stimulating in 2 cycles. Embryos were gathered and an embryo biopsy (PGS/PGT-A) was done to select only the normal or euploid embryos which were then transferred. After all these efforts, Gitanjali conceived and is the proud mother of a baby boy today. 

"Mrs. Gitanjali"


I Had Prior 3 Failed IVF Cycle

I had 3 failed IUI cycles before and was hopeless. It seemed I will never get pregnant. Then after reading Google reviews, we met Dr Mona Dahiya. Immediately after the first meeting, we had so much confidence to proceed with IVF. And we are so happy to share that I became pregnant in my first IVF cycle. Thank you, ma’am.

"Mrs. Divya Rana"


Successfully Pregnant by IVF After 2 Failed IUI Cycles

After 2 Failed IUIs, my wife and I were very disappointed. Then my office colleague asked us to consult Dr. Mona Dahiya at Little Angel IVF. We read the online reviews also and decided to meet her. We decided to undergo the IVF process and with great hope and faith, everything went well. By God’s grace under Ma’am’s treatment, my wife is now eight months pregnant. These one-egg-retrieved IVF success stories will help people to choose the right hospital in the future. Thank you so much, ma’am.

"Mrs. Parul Sinha"