Should I Seek Male Infertility Treatment

What is Male Infertility Treatment?

People might not talk about it but male infertility is an issue which is scaling upwards across different parts of India. There have been several cases across Delhi where couples are struggling to have a baby and it is highly likely that the issue may be with the male partner. Dr Mona Dahiya of Little Angel IVF is widely regarded as the Best Doctor for Male infertility treatment in Delhi.

Some of the common symptoms of male infertility as per experts include abnormal sperm production, genetic defects together with health snags such as diabetes, or infections like chlamydia, mumps, gonorrhoea, or HIV. Vein enlargement in the testes (varicocele) is also known to affect sperm quality, thereby, impacting pregnancy.

Furthermore, there are other serious issues with the transfer of sperm as a result of sexual problems including premature ejaculation; structural problems like blockage in the testicle; certain genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis; or damage to the reproductive organs.

Male infertility treatment in Delhi is rising but individuals aren’t fully aware about the associated treatment. With Little Angel IVF, you can receive a better insight and cure to infertility problems in both males and females. We are a leading IVF Clinic that provides definite medical services for Male infertility treatment in Delhi.

Our team comprises of highly skilled fertility practitioners who have helped us maintain a well-reputed status in the field of Male infertility treatment in Delhi. The in-house fertility experts along with the competent staff are known to work relentlessly to deliver medical excellence in treating male infertility in Delhi.

Little Angel IVF is headed by Dr. Mona Dahiya, IVF Specialist doctor, who holds 20 years of global experience in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Her specialization in the field of infertility and IVF is a result of extensive training completed in premier institutes of India and Singapore. It is through her efforts that Little Angel IVF has now become a renowned fertility clinic and ranked for the Male infertility treatment in Delhi.

Get Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi

About 30% of Infertility issues are related to Male Infertility Problems. Abnormality in sperms or Sperm Movement are usually the principal reasons for male infertility problems. At our Clinic we have all tests done like Scrotal ultrasound, Transrectal ultrasound, Hormone testing, Post-ejaculation urinalysis, Genetic tests & Testicular biopsy for male infertility treatment. Call us now to book an appointment with India’s renowned infertility doctor, Dr Mona Dahiya.