Fertility Preservation in Delhi NCR

Fertility preservation is the process designed to protect and preserve your fertility for the future. It involves preserving eggs, sperms, embryos or reproductive tissue so that you can have a biological family in the future.

Why preserve your fertility?

There are certain indications for fertility preservation.

1. Patients undergoing cancer treatment- Oncofertility:

Some of the drugs used in cancer treatment cause infertility especially in high doses. Therefore, patients having certain types of cancer and undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy may consider freezing their eggs or sperms or embryos. These can be utilised once the treatment is over and the patient is desirous of starting a family.

2. If you are not ready for a family:

If for certain financial or emotional reasons, one is not ready to start a family then the option of fertility preservation exists. In females, fertility declines with age and more so after 40 years. Preserving one’s eggs when she is in late 20s or early 30s gives women the flexibility to conceive later on in life using their own eggs.

3. Job constraints:

Armed forces personnel may freeze their eggs or sperms or embryos before deployment to preserve future fertility in case of injury

Types Of Fertility Preservation
  1. Egg Freezing
  2. Ovarian tissue freezing
  3. Sperm freezing
  4. Testicular tissue freezing
  5. Embryo freezing

Thus, preserving one’s fertility is a serious issue and all clinics must give opportunity to the patients to receive proper counselling regarding the same.