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Low Amh IVF Success Stories:


AMH is a hormonal test that indicates the ovarian reserve in a lady. The normal AMH ranges between 1ng/ml to 3 ng/ml. AMH is said to be low if it is less than 1 ng/ml. This indicates that the lady has less number of eggs in the ovaries. There are several causes for low AMH.

  1. Age-Related: Usually AMH declines with age more so after 35years of age
  2. Endometriosis or chocolate cysts of the ovaries
  3. Premature ovarian failure

Several couples visit and consult Dr. Mona Dahiya at Little Angel IVF who has a low AMH and have had unsuccessful IVF attempts outside. In such IVF attempts, they have faced 3 major challenges

  1. Less number of eggs were retrieved and poor-quality embryos formed resulting in negative pregnancy tests.
  2. Less number of eggs were retrieved and no embryos formed resulting in no transfer
  3. No eggs were retrieved.

The team under the leadership of Dr. Mona Dahiya reviews their case history in detail and a special individualized treatment plan is formulated for each couple. Mild stimulation or mini IVF is considered for those with extremely low reserve. The option of embryo pooling or embryo banking is also discussed.

 Mrs. Gitanjali 38 years lady approached us with c/o infertility and failed IVF attempt elsewhere. Her AMH was 0.6ng/ml with poor egg reserve. She had undergone an IVF attempt outside in which 2 eggs were retrieved 3 months back. However, none of the eggs resulted in any embryos and she did not have an embryo transfer. Dejected and disheartened, she approached Dr. Mona Dahiya at Little Angel IVF. A treatment plan for mild stimulation IVF or mini IVF was made. Stimulation resulted in retrieval of 5 eggs at Egg Pick up and 2 Grade AA blastocysts were formed which were transferred. Mrs. Gitanjali conceived twins and is currently 12 weeks pregnant. The right Protocol and individualized treatment help in achieving the best results for all couples at Little Angel IVF. Overcoming challenges like Low AMH is a possibility achieved by our team’s efforts and dedication. On the insistence of my friend, I have shared these low AMH success stories of life with you.

"Mrs. Gitanjali"



I had always wanted to be a mother, but was diagnosed with low AMH,2 years after marriage. I tried everything I could, but it seemed that i would never be able to conceive naturally. However, everything changed when I met Dr Mona Dahiya. Dr Dahiya is genuinely a remarkable fertility specialist known for her success in treating patients with low AMH. After consultation, Dr. Dahiya created a customized treatment plan for me. The treatment included a combination of medications and lifestyle changes, and it was tailored to my specific needs. I am overjoyed to share that I conceived naturally with low AMH level of 1.5 ng/mL.

I extend my Endless Praise for Dr Dahiya for her expertise, kindness, and support throughout the entire process. I am incredibly grateful to have found Dr Dahiya.

"Mrs. Shanti"


Due To Low AMH Unable To Conceive Naturally After 7 Years Of Marriage

I am 35 years old married woman, I consulted Dr. Mona Dahiya as I was not able to conceive naturally after 7 years of marriage and my AMH was low. After Consultation Dr. Mona Dahiya made a personalized treatment plan, PRP of the ovary, Mini IVF stimulation protocol, and Pooling of embryos, latter I conceived on the very first attempt. My story should be a ray of hope for all such couples to start their treatment journey at Little Angel IVF with Dr. Mona Dahiya.

"Mrs. Anita"



Shobha had always dreamed of becoming a mother, but unfortunately, her low AMH levels made it almost impossible to conceive naturally. She had tried various treatments and methods, but nothing seemed to work. That was until she met Dr Mona Dahiya. Dr Dahiya is a renowned fertility specialist who has helped countless women achieve their dream of motherhood, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Shobha had heard about her through a friend who had undergone successful IVF treatment with Dr Dahiya, despite similar issues with low AMH levels.

After an initial consultation, Dr Dahiya recommended IVF treatment for Shobha who had an AMH Level of 0.8 ng/mL. Low AMH levels can indicate a reduced ovarian reserve, which can make it more difficult to produce viable eggs for fertilization. However, IVF can help overcome this challenge by stimulating the ovaries to produce multiple eggs for retrieval and fertilization in a laboratory. With careful monitoring and the expertise of a fertility specialist, women with low AMH can still have a successful IVF experience and achieve their dream of becoming a parent. The process was not without its challenges, but Dr Dahiya and her team were there every step of the way, providing guidance and support as Shobha underwent the treatment.

Finally, after 2 IVF Cycles, Shobha received the news she had been hoping for – she was pregnant! Throughout her pregnancy, Shobha continued to receive top-quality care and attention from Dr Dahiya and her team. She felt confident in their expertise and knew that they were doing everything possible to ensure a safe and healthy delivery. Shobha is a Proud Mother of a Baby Boy named Akash. Shobha’s story is a testament to the power of IVF for women with Low AMH and the incredible skill and dedication of Dr Mona Dahiya.

"Mrs. Shobha"


Low AMH Natural Pregnancy Success Story

I had a late marriage. When I got married at 35 years and wanted to start family, doctor told that my AMH is very low. I went to several doctors and all asked me to go for donor eggs. But we were not ready. Then I consulted Dr Mona Dahiya. Under her treatment, I took some medicines and underwent ultrasounds. I came to know about fertile window and tried naturally. In the third cycle, I was pregnant. I think very few doctors could have guided me so well and we will remain ever thankful to ma’am.

"Mrs. Manshi Sharma"


Low AMH Natural Pregnancy Success Story

I think it was a miracle. I got married very early and had 2 pregnancies but we did not want a baby that time so we did not go ahead. Later on at 38 years when I started trying and could not conceive , I was told that it was due to Low AMH. I did not want to undergo any procedure so I started trying with medicines and regular ultrasound under treatment of Dr Mona Dahiya. I am happy that it worked though it took little time. Thank you so much ma’am.

"Mrs. Manisha Singh"


Egg Retrieved Success Stories:


Neetika had always dreamt of having a family, but after years of trying to conceive without success, she had almost given up hope. She was very scared of IVF and Dr Mona suggested she try a new fertility treatment called 1 EGG retrieval.

Neetika was hesitant at first, but Dr Mona explained that it was a minimally invasive procedure that involves retrieving a single high-quality egg and fertilizing it in the lab. This procedure is often recommended for women who have a low ovarian reserve or have a higher risk of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) if multiple eggs are retrieved. It is also commonly used for women who prefer a more natural approach to fertility treatments.1 egg retrieval IVF typically involves a shorter and less intense course of hormonal medication to stimulate egg development compared to traditional IVF. This can help reduce the risk of side effects and complications associated with multiple egg retrievals.

 After careful consideration, Neetika and her husband decided to give it a try. Days later, Sunita received the incredible news that she was pregnant! She could not believe it – after all these years, she was finally going to have a baby. She went through her pregnancy with awe and gratitude, knowing that the little life growing inside her was a miracle.

"Mrs. Neetika"



I always dreamed of having a family, but after years of trying to conceive without success, Me & my husband decided to try IVF. We opted for 2 egg retrieval IVF, hoping to increase their chances of success.

2 eggs retrieved IVF is a type of in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure that involves retrieving two high-quality eggs from a woman’s ovaries and fertilizing them in a laboratory dish with sperm. This procedure is often recommended for women who have a good ovarian reserve and are at a higher risk of having a lower success rate with only one egg retrieval. It can also be a good option for women who are trying to maximize their chances of a successful pregnancy, as having more embryos available for transfer can increase the likelihood of successful implantation.

2 eggs retrieved IVF involves a more intense course of hormonal medication to stimulate egg development compared to 1 egg retrieval IVF, which can increase the risk of side effects and complications. However, the potential benefits of having more embryos available for transfer may outweigh these risks for some couples.

My story of getting pregnant through 2 egg retrieval IVF can give hope to many other couples struggling with infertility. She shared her story and encouraged others to never give up on their dreams of starting a family.

"Mrs. Poonam"


My Friend Recommended Dr Mona

My name is Sneha Tyagi. Today I am going to tell you my 2 eggs retrieved success stories. I consulted Dr Mona Dahiya after my friend highly recommended her. I had one failed IVF at Chennai. After meeting ma’am, we were very comfortable and discussed everything in detail. I went through the IVF Embryo Pooling cycle and with a lot of effort, finally I am positive. I am very thankful to Dr Mona Dahiya ma’am and highly recommend all couples who want to have a baby to consult her. 

"Mrs. Sneha Tyagi"


Poor Egg Quality IVF Success Stories:


 The success of IVF depends on mainly 3 factors

  1. Quality of embryos
  2. Lining of the womb called the endometrium
  3. Synchrony between the embryos and the lining.

Modern lifestyle and stress adversely affect the quality and number of sperms and eggs. It has been seen that more and more females even at a younger age (say late 20s or early 30s) have low egg count and poor quality of eggs. At Little Angel IVF, Dr. Mona Dahiya and her team have helped many such couples overcome the various challenges and become proud parents. We share the experience of one such couple who had previously failed IVF elsewhere due to poor quality and number of eggs. So let’s hear from Sushma the poor egg quality success stories of her life.

Mrs. Sushma aged 35 years and her husband Mr. Amrit consulted Dr Mona Dahiya at Little Angel IVF and shared their past history( Poor Quality Embryo Success Stories ). They had undergone an IVF cycle 2 months back at another IVF Centre which had failed. During that cycle, they were told that only 1 egg had been retrieved. The quality of that egg was not very good resulting in a poor quality embryo which unfortunately did not progress and was arrested. Therefore, the couple had no embryo transfer and were very upset. Sushma had a low AMH of 0.6 ng/ml and ultrasound revealed a low egg count. A special stimulation protocol was formulated for Sushma and with the right choice and dose of carefully selected injections, the IVF stimulation showed better response. 5 eggs were retrieved and their quality was also good. Two grade AA blastocysts were formed and their transfer resulted in a positive pregnancy result. The couple were elated and are doing well in their ongoing pregnancy. Thus, with an individualized treatment protocol at Little Angel IVF, it is possible to achieve the best possible result even with the given challenges.

"Mrs. Sushma"



Ruchi had been trying to conceive for years, but despite undergoing three rounds of IVF at different clinics in Delhi, she had not been successful. The fertility specialists told her that her poor egg quality was likely the cause of her infertility. Feeling hopeless, Ruchi almost gave up on her dream of starting a family. However, a friend recommended Little Angel IVF, a clinic known for its high success rates in treating women with poor egg quality.

Ruchi decided to give it one more try and visited Little Angel IVF. Dr Mona Dahiya developed a personalized treatment plan for her that included higher doses of medication to stimulate her ovaries and additional techniques, such as assisted hatching and PGT. IVF treatment with poor egg quality is a type of in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure that is recommended for women who have a low ovarian reserve or poor quality eggs. In this type of IVF treatment, higher doses of medication are typically used to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs.

After the procedure, Ruchi waited anxiously for the results. A few weeks later, she received the news that she was pregnant! She couldn’t believe it – after all the failed attempts, she was finally going to be a mother.

"Mrs. Ruchi"


Donor Egg IVF Success Stories:


IVF Procedure can be done using self-eggs and sperms or by using donor eggs. Donor eggs are used only in certain indications:

  1. Very low egg reserve or low AMH
  2. Premature ovarian failure
  3. Poor quality eggs causing Repeated IVF Failures

At Little Angel IVF, many couples with the above indications have consulted us and have had positive results. Sharing one such success story. 

 Mrs. Geeta 35year female, wife of Mr. Gautam consulted us in Jan 2021. They had flown from Bangalore after unsuccessful IVF attempts there. Geeta had premature ovarian Failure meaning her ovaries had stopped functioning prematurely. Her FSH was 60IU/L and her cycles had stopped 2 years back. A series of tests were done in Bangalore but no apparent cause could be found. Thereafter, she underwent an Egg Donor cycle in Bangalore. Two Frozen embryo transfers were done at a gap of 2 months but both were negative. 

 At Little Angel IVF, a detailed analysis of her previous treatment was done by Dr Mona Dahiya and her team and an individualized treatment plan was formulated for Geeta. A suitable young married donor was chosen for her and stimulation done. Finally, two grade AA blastocysts were transferred and Geeta conceived twins. Her case is just one of the several successful Egg donor IVF experiences at Little Angel IVF. 

"Mrs. Geeta"


Embryo Transfer Success Stories:


Kavita had been trying to conceive for years with no success. After undergoing several failed fertility treatments, she felt hopeless and lost. But then she heard about a new fertility treatment called 4AA embryo transfer, which had been successful for many women like her.

She was explained that 4AA embryo transfer is a type of in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure that involves transferring a high-quality embryo with a grading of 4AA into a woman’s uterus. Embryo grading is a measure of the embryo’s quality based on its appearance and cell division. The 4AA grade is one of the highest grades an embryo can receive, indicating that it has a high chance of implantation and resulting in a successful pregnancy. This procedure is typically recommended for women who have had multiple failed IVF cycles or who have a lower chance of success with traditional IVF treatments.

Kavita and her husband decided to give it a try and finally, the day of the embryo transfer arrived. Kavita was anxious and nervous, but also hopeful that this would be the answer to their prayers.

Days turned into weeks, and Kavita was filled with anticipation and fear. But then the day came when she found out she was pregnant! The joy and relief she felt were indescribable. After all the heartache and disappointment, she was finally going to have a baby.

Throughout her pregnancy, Kavita was filled with gratitude and amazement. She marvelled at the tiny life growing inside her and knew that she had been given a miracle. And finally, on a beautiful summer day, she gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl. She held her in her arms and knew that all the pain and heartache had been worth it.

Kavita’s 4AA embryo success story is an inspiration to many other women struggling with infertility. She shared her story and encouraged others to never give up hope.

"Mrs. Kavita"



I am 34 years old women, i consulted Dr Mona Dahiya at Little Angel IVF. I have been married for 10 years and had undergone 2 failed IUI and one failed IVF elsewhere in Punjab. A detailed analysis of all the reports and previous records was done. The embryos transferred in the last IVF were day 3 and B grade. It was decided that the injections given in the stimulation during the last IVF needed a little change and a different stimulation protocol was formulated for her. The strategy worked and the response to the injections was better resulting in formation of 4 blastocysts. It was decided to transfer 2 blastocysts (4AA and 4 BAB) and the remaining 2 blastocysts were frozen. Finally, i conceived twins and gave birth to 2 healthy baby boys. Thank you!

"Mrs. Richa"


Embryo Transfer Success Story

I had 2 failed IVFs at Bangalore. Then we moved to Noida. Here we consulted Dr Mona Dahiya as my friend had conceived under her treatment. I underwent my third IVF and had transfer. It was day 3 but embryos were both good. I feel so lucky that it worked and I am pregnant. All thanks to God and Ma’am.

"Mrs. Aanchal Kamboj"


Day 3 Embryo Transfer Success Story

I had low egg count and was very scared. After reading reviews, we met Dr Mona Dahiya ma’am. She explained everything in detail and we started our treatment. Because egg were less we had day 3 not day 5 transfer. But we are so lucky to have twins! . Thanks to you ma’am.

"Mrs. Nidhi Mehra"