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IUI Success Stories:


IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination. It is a simple procedure in which the semen sample is washed and prepared and gently deposited at the right time in the uterus. The wife is given some medicines and an ultrasound is done to monitor the growth of the follicle or follicles. At the expected time of rupture of the follicles, IUI is done. It is a procedure where treatment cost is around Rs 7000 and is more economical than IVF. Since it is similar to the natural conception cycle, the success rate of IUI is 15-20%. When done for the appropriate couple, it yields good results. We, at Little Angel IVF, have many couples who have conceived under Dr. Mona Dahiya’s treatment by IUI. I am sharing such low AMH IUI success stories with you. 

 Mrs. Yachna 32 years age married for 5 years visited us with a history of PCOS. She had been under treatment elsewhere where an IUI was planned. Her AMH was 8 ng/ml. However, when oral medicines were started, it was noted at the other center that there was no follicular development. The cycle was canceled. In the next cycle there, she was given injections. Even after receiving several injections, there was no follicular development. Dejected, she consulted Dr. Mona Dahiya at Little Angel IVF. Here, a detailed assessment of the previous unsuccessful attempts was made. First medicines were given to correct her hormonal imbalance of PCOS. Diet and exercise further helped. A special protocol called step-up protocol was formulated for her. With all this treatment, Yachna had 2 follicles and a very good uterine lining. IUI was done at the right time and she conceived successfully. A balanced and holistic approach with an individualized protocol helps in maximizing the IUI success rate for our couples. 

"Mrs. Yachna"


IUI Success Stories

My Wife and I were taking treatment at Roorkee. We have a 5-year daughter and are planning a second baby. We got 2 IUIs done but the doctor told us that the opening of the womb was very narrow and they could not do the IUI properly. We were worried. After searching online, we consulted Dr Mona Dahiya, ma’am. She went through our case history in detail. Finally, we underwent the IUI under anesthesia and she informed us that a special catheter was used for the IUI. We did not conceive in the first attempt but in the second attempt, we are happy to share that my wife conceived. We are so very thankful to ma’am. 

"Mr. Harsh Sharma"


IUI Success Story

I underwent a natural cycle IUI under Dr Mona Dahiya’s treatment. And I could not believe it when my pregnancy test was positive in the first attempt itself. I am very thankful to ma’am and highly recommend her. 

"Mrs. Manvi Bansal"



ICSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. It is a part of the IVF procedure. It involves picking up one sperm with a very fine ICSI needle and then injecting it into the egg. ICSI helps to maximize the chances of pregnancy, especially in those couples who have a low sperm count. Thousands of couples have undergone ICSI under the treatment of Dr Mona Dahiya and have borne healthy children. Sharing one such story: 

 Mrs. Bhawna aged 34 years visited Little Angel IVF to consult Dr Mona Dahiya. She had been married for 8 years and had taken treatment elsewhere for many years but did not get any success. Then she read about Dr. Mona Dahiya online and decided to consult ma’am. A detailed history and examination revealed Bhawna was having Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOS) and her husband had a low sperm count (<2 million/ml). A detailed treatment plan was made by Dr Mona Dahiya and her team and the procedure of IVF was started. ICSI was done and 2 Grade A blastocysts that were formed were transferred. The remaining blastocysts were frozen. Bhawna conceived twins and gave birth to a healthy boy and a girl. Thus, an individualized treatment plan and ICSI have helped many couples to realize their dream of parenthood. 

"Mrs. Bhawna"