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by | May 15, 2022 | IVF, IVF Treatment

Why anyone may need IVF treatment?

In recent years, the IVF treatment or In Vitro Fertilization has become one of the most sought-after techniques for assistance in conceiving a child for childless couples. IVF treatment is beneficial for people suffering for any of the following infertility issues.

  1. Tube blockage
  2. Lesser sperm count
  3. Many failed IUI attempts

What is IVF Treatment?

The IVF treatment or In Vitro Fertilization has been a major advance in the treatment of fertility problems since last 40 yrs. A huge number of childless couple got benefitted from the IVF procedure.

  1. IVF Injections: The ovary of a healthy female produces 1 egg every month. At initial stage of IVF treatment, hormonal injections are given to female patient for 10 -12 days, which helps them producing 10 to 15 eggs.
  2. Ovum Pickup: Now these eggs are extracted from the ovaries with the help of a fine needle by a quick procedure under short anaesthesia called Ovum Pick Up
  3. Semen Collection: From the male partner of the couple semen sample is taken. This semen sample is further used to extract healthy sperm which can be helpful in fertilization.
  4. Embryo Formation: The collected sample of ovum and sperm are made to fuse in laboratory. This can be done by the conventional method  where we allow the healthy sperms to swim and fuse with the egg or by ICSI(Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) where the embryologist injects the egg into the sperm using a fine needle under the microscope so that the fertilization can be achieved.
  5. Embryo Development: Once the fertilization occurs, the embryo develops inside the laboratory in the initial stages. Its progress is monitored closely and two or one of the best embryos are selected for transfer.
  6. Embryo Transfer: After successful Embryo formation & it’s observation for 3 to 4 days, it is transferred back in the uterus of the female partner for further development into successful pregnancy.

 By following these steps, fertilization through IVF procedure is achieved. Basically, we can say that the IVF Treatment process involves following six steps:

  1. Ultrasound Scan
  2. IVF Injections
  3. Ovum Pickup
  4. Semen Collection
  5. Embryo Formation
  6. Embryo Development
  7. Embryo Transfer

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