IVF in Cancer Patients – A Ray of Hope for Cancer Patients

by | Mar 1, 2022 | IVF, IVF Treatment

In a first in the nation, a Bengaluru lady having cancer-gene gave birth to twins, who do not carry the cancer gene at all. Genetic testing of the embryos was done, since the lady’s family has a background marked by cancer disease, before transferring them into her womb. This turned out to be a huge success; now she’s a mother of two healthy babies.

What was the exact issue?

Prabha’s family has a background of cancer disease. Eight years back 37-year-old Prabha found that she is having a BRCA1 (Breast Cancer gene) mutation in her body, just after a few months into her marriage with a Bengaluru-based professional.

Around the same time, her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer by the Tata Memorial Center. They had prompted her to get a genetic test for determining the situation of oncogenes since her mother’s sisters, cousins, and an uncle had the disease.

How did they overcome the situation?

She was prescribed a medical procedure to remove her breasts and ovaries. She took the suggested tests. Results demonstrated she had a BRCA1 gene, which essentially expands the danger of contracting breast/ovarian cancer. In men, it influences the chest, pancreatic, and prostate organs.

Specialists suggested a medical procedure to remove her breasts and ovaries, as was in the case of Hollywood celebrity Angelina Jolie five years back, who was carrying both BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

Prabha made a stride back, as she wanted to be a mother and have a healthy child. Two years back, she met a doctor who counseled and exhorted her against the medical procedure.

“Jolie had both BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Be that as it may, Prabha just has one gene and there are chances that she won’t get cancer in spite of the transformation,” was the doctor’s reasoning.

How do they achieve the successful delivery of twins?

Prabha underwent IVF and genetic testing of the embryos was done. Out of six embryos; two were discovered sans cancer-causing genes. Pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) was used to determine whether an embryo had BRCA1 gene or not.

Of the six, two were having the genes and thus weren’t suitable. The rest two sans the genes were transferred in Prabha. Just 150 worldwide cases have PGT been utilized for cutting off cancer-causing genes from developing lives.

How is pre-implantation genetic testing done?
PGT/D is done in five phases:

  1. Female is given hormonal injections for development of follicles;
  2. The eggs are retrieved and the husband’s sperm is injected into the eggs;
  3. The resulting embryos are incubated and cultured in the IVF lab
  4. When the embryo enters the blastocyst phase, a biopsy is done to get genetic material;
  5. Testing is done to check for chromosome issues.

After the normal embryos were transferred into her womb, Prabha conceived twins and has two healthy babies now. This is a perfect example of how Pre implantation testing of the embryos helped in the conception of healthy babies.

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