Fertility Diet To Increase Fertility in Females

 The Food that we eat has a direct co-relation in boosting fertility as it plays a key role in the Quality of Eggs in Females & Quality of Sperms in Males. Consuming a Healthy Diet helps keep a check on Sugar & Hormone Levels in the body which is key to fertility. That’s why it’s necessary to have a proper Fertility Diet Plan.

Golden Diet Rule of Fertility: Don’t Skip any Meal just follow Proper Diet!

The reason I have shared the Golden rule upfront as many people have a habit of skipping meals and end up over eating in every meal. A common myth that many people have assumed to be true is that skipping meals helps in losing weight. Eating at regular intervals but low portion size helps in creating a balance between the Blood Sugar & Hormone Levels. This important eating habit ensures that Blood Sugar levels do not drop that hence checks the release of Adrenaline. It is important to note that rise of Adrenaline blocks the utilization of progesterone levels that leads to Menstrual Cycle disturbances and reduces the chances of conception. Eating at irregular intervals & eating large portion meals creates a Blood Sugar imbalance and a craving for Sweets. In summary, not following the Golden rule is the single biggest reason for Infertility problems like PCOS apart from Lifestyle Diseases like Obesity and Diabetes. I have shared key Minerals & vitamins for Fertility Diet for Men & women below.

Boosting Fertility: The 10 Building Blocks.

While we all grow up reading and listening about a Healthy diet, very few people follow Fertility Diet Plan. That said, a diet that boosts fertility is based on some foundational principle of Healthy eating that requires consuming the following.

  1. WATER: Drink about 2 Litters of water a Day as it important for Hormonal Functions. For those who don’t measure how much water they drink, a good starting is to have a Glass of water every 2 Hour’s-This will translate to about (6-8) Glasses of Water a Day.
  2. VITAMINS: Vitamin A, Vitamin B (B6 & B12), Vitamin C & Vitamin E are absolutely must as they have all the essential elements to Boost Fertility in Men & Women should follow Fertility Diet Plan. vitamin A helps in Embryo Development, Vitamin B increases the chances of conceiving fast, Vitamin C helps in Ovulation & Vitamin E helps in Fertility preservation. The Daily suggested dose for Vitamin A is 500 IUI, Vitamin B6, B12 & C is (40-50) mg and for Vitamin E is (100-200) IU. This intake has to come from Food rich in these Vitamins. For the sake of simplicity-Vitamin A (Tomatoes, Carrots, Cabbage, Spinach), Vitamin B6 (Watermelon, Avocados, Lentils), Vitamin B12 (Eggs, Seafood), Vitamin C (Citrus Fruits, Berries, Kiwi, Mango, Red Pepper, Sprouts) & Vitamin E (Egg, Cereals, Nuts, Seeds, Fish). Vitamins in Particular are some of the best ways to boost fertility hence a must for Fertility Diet for Men.
  3. PROTEINS: Proteins are essential for maintaining Blood Sugar Balance and Hormone Levels. Food rich in Proteins are Pulses, Nuts, Beans, Egg’s, Chicken and Dairy Products that are Low in Fat. It is an absolute must to have a balanced intake of Proteins from Natural sources and not from supplements.
  4. ESEENTIAL FATS: In Fertility Diet Essential Fat and Saturated are not the same. Essential Fat should not be confused with Dairy Products & Meat as they are not the same. Essential Fatty acids are required for production of Hormones and play an important role in the development of Nervous system, of a baby inside the womb. Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Primrose Oilnuts & Seeds are rich sources of Essential Fats.
  5. CARBOHYDRATES: Consuming unrefined carbohydrates prevents the sudden rise of Blood sugar levels. Having a fibre rich diet consisting of Vegetables, Wholemeal Grains and Fruits is super important for the reproductive system. A low GI diet in Particular Fertility Diet Plan comes in handy in clearing out Old Hormones residues.
  6. FOLIC ACID (Especially for Women): It is now a well-established medical fact that Folic Acid helps in Preconception stage and prevents spin bifida. The recommended daily intake is 400 mcg -Spinach, Green Beans, Fruit, sprouts and Milk are key food sources in Fertility Diet for Women.
  7. ZINC: The right intake of Zinc increases Fertility and significantly reduces the chances of miscarriage. It is now widely agreed in the medical community that a daily dose of 30 mg of Zinc goes a long way in help in creating Healthy & Mature Eggs for fertilization. Dry Fruits, Milk, Seafood, Oysters and whole Grains are great sources of Zinc.
  8. MAGNESIUM: Magnesium is one of the most essential minerals in Fertility Diet that helps a woman in conceiving and maintaining the pregnancy. The suggested Daily dose is 300 mg with Dairy Products, Brown Rice, Sunflower Rice, Sunflower and meat considered to be a good source.
  9. IRON: A deficiency of Iron in the Body is a leading cause of Infertility. Research shows that correcting the deficiency of iron has seen marked improvements in Fertility. Green Vegetables, Pulses, Eggs, Fish apart from Lean Red Meat are good natural sources. One should ideally avoid Iron Supplements unless prescribed by the Best Infertility Doctor in Delhi if the Iron Deficiency is very low.
  10. AMINO ACIDS & PARA AMENOBENZOIC ACIDS: Amino Acid L-arginine has shown marked improvement in fertilization rates in women. PABA on the other hand increases the rate of fertility by correcting oestrogen levels so it’s a must in Fertility Diet for Women.

Stick to the above Fundamental Principles of a Fertility Diet and avoid Fast Food & Processed Food that contain harmful additives and chemicals that decrease Fertility in Both Men & Women.


By Infertility Specialist Dr Mona Dahiya

Dr Mona Dahiya

Dr Mona Dahiya

IVF Specialist & Consultant

Dr Mona Dahiya has performed over 5,000+ IVF cycles and is considered a global expert in IVF, ICSI, IUI and male fertility treatment. She is an eminent writer on Infertility Treatment and has over 100 Publications in both International and National Journals. Dr Mona Dahiya has immensely contributed to the field of infertility through her Research and articles.

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