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Little Angel IVF in Noida offers affordable and Low Cost IVF solutions bringing hope to many aspiring parents on a budget.


Little Angel IVF in Noida provides an array of Low Cost IVF in Noida, with prices starting from Rs 1,00,000. We offer various budget-friendly options, making IVF accessible to a broader range of individuals. While affordability is a key aspect, it is important to note that the cost can increase if there is a need for donor eggs or sperm. However, Little Angel IVF emphasizes that cost should not be the sole deciding factor. The goal is achieving successful results.

Our clinic boasts an impressive IVF success rate of 80%, one of the highest in Noida, achieved without compromising on quality, despite the affordable pricing. This success is largely attributed to the expertise of Dr. Mona Dahiya, Noida’s top IVF specialist. Her experience and skill ensure that every procedure is conducted with the utmost care and precision. Little Angel IVF’s commitment to affordability combined with high success rates makes us a preferred choice for couples seeking IVF treatment in Noida.

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The procedure for low cost IVF in Noida at Little Angel IVF is designed to be both affordable and effective, encompassing 4 key stages:

Consultation and Evaluation: The process begins with a detailed consultation with Dr. Mona Dahiya. During this session, a comprehensive evaluation of the couple’s medical history is conducted to understand their specific fertility challenges.

Customized Treatment Plan: Based on the initial assessment, a personalized IVF treatment plan is developed. This plan is tailored to suit the couple’s medical needs while keeping costs manageable, ensuring the best chance of success.

Stimulation and Egg Retrieval: The woman undergoes ovarian stimulation with fertility medications, followed by egg retrieval. This stage is crucial and is handled with precision to maximize egg quality and quantity.

Fertilization and Embryo Transfer: Retrieved eggs are fertilized with sperm in a lab. The resulting embryos are then carefully transferred to the woman’s uterus, completing the IVF cycle.

Each step in this process is carried out with the utmost care to ensure the highest chances of success, despite the low cost in Noida. Little Angel IVF’s commitment to affordable and high-quality treatment makes us a sought-after center for IVF in Noida.

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Meet Dr. Mona Dahiya, the pioneering force behind the first IVF clinic in Noida, a milestone that brought advanced fertility treatments to the region, previously only accessible in prominent IVF hospitals in Delhi. As a globally acclaimed fertility specialist, Dr. Dahiya’s expertise is sought after far and wide. Her impressive educational background includes an MBBS and MD in Obstetrics & Gynecology from India’s top medical colleges – Lady Hardinge Medical College and Maulana Azad Medical College. Further enhancing her proficiency, she completed a fellowship in Reproductive Medicine at the esteemed Singapore General Hospital.

Dr. Dahiya’s role in the field of fertility treatment extends beyond clinical practice. She is a respected speaker and mentor, sharing her vast knowledge and experiences in various forums. Her clinic is a beacon of hope for patients across India and NRI patients, especially those who have experienced failed IVF cycles elsewhere. Under Dr. Dahiya’s care, patients are assured of receiving trustworthy, compassionate, and highly skilled fertility treatment, making her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking low cost IVF in Noida.


What is the lowest price of IVF?

Low Cost in Noida -The lowest cost for basic IVF starts around Rs. 1,00,000, covering egg and sperm retrieval, fertilization, and embryo transfer. Additional costs include medication and extra procedures.

How can I reduce my IVF cost?

To reduce IVF costs, thoroughly understand your insurance coverage, Medical Health Policies, compare clinic prices, consider medical tourism, and find savings on fertility drugs.

What country is IVF cheapest?

Below is the Average Cost of IVF in Countries. India has the Cheapest IVF Cost.

IVF Cost in India $1500
IVF cost in Poland $2100
IVF cost in Latvia $2200
IVF cost in Russia $2300
IVF cost in Czech Republic $2500
IVF cost in Greece $2500
IVF cost in North Cyprus $2500
IVF cost in Ukraine $2500
VF cost in Spain $3500
IVF cost in Denmark $3500
IVF cost in Portugal $4000
IVF Cost in UK $6000
IVF Cost in USA $12500
IVF cost in Singapore $15000

In which country IVF is best?

India is renowned for its high IVF success rates, with advanced clinics, expert physicians, and favorable medical tourism. Gender selection is prohibited, showcasing India’s ethical stance on fertility treatment.

Are IVF kids normal?

Post embryo transfer in IVF, the woman may conceive and carry the pregnancy to term. IVF children are indistinguishable from those conceived naturally, with studies affirming their normal physical and cognitive development, thus dispelling any myths of difference.

Which city is best for IVF?

Noida is regarded as India’s IVF capital, hosting over 25 centers with top IVF doctors and world-class facilities. Among them, Little Angel IVF stands out as one of the best, solidifying Noida’s reputation in fertility treatments.

Is IVF successful for everyone?

Globally, IVF success rates average 40% for young women, often higher in those under 35, according to a study by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. Success in ART, predominantly measured by live births per embryo transfer, varies with age and individual health factors. Little Angel IVF has the Highest IVF Success Rate of 80% in India.

What part of IVF is most expensive?

The most expensive part of IVF typically involves ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval, due to the cost of hormonal medications and the complexity of surgical procedures required. These stages demand specialized resources and expertise, significantly contributing to the overall treatment cost.

How much is IVF cost in India?

India is recognized for offering some of the most affordable IVF treatments globally, with costs starting as low as $1500. This low pricing, combined with high-quality medical care, makes India a preferred destination for IVF procedures. The exact cost can vary based on specific treatments and clinic locations.