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 The success of IVF depends on mainly 3 factors

  1. Quality of embryos
  2. Lining of the womb called the endometrium
  3. Synchrony between the embryos and the lining.

Modern lifestyle and stress adversely affect the quality and number of sperms and eggs. It has been seen that more and more females even at a younger age (say late 20s or early 30s) have low egg count and poor quality of eggs. At Little Angel IVF, Dr. Mona Dahiya and her team have helped many such couples overcome the various challenges and become proud parents. We share the experience of one such couple who had previously failed IVF elsewhere due to poor quality and number of eggs. So let’s hear from Sushma the poor egg quality success stories of her life.

Mrs. Sushma aged 35 years and her husband Mr. Amrit consulted Dr Mona Dahiya at Little Angel IVF and shared their past history( Poor Quality Embryo Success Stories ). They had undergone an IVF cycle 2 months back at another IVF Centre which had failed. During that cycle, they were told that only 1 egg had been retrieved. The quality of that egg was not very good resulting in a poor quality embryo which unfortunately did not progress and was arrested. Therefore, the couple had no embryo transfer and were very upset. Sushma had a low AMH of 0.6 ng/ml and ultrasound revealed a low egg count. A special stimulation protocol was formulated for Sushma and with the right choice and dose of carefully selected injections, the IVF stimulation showed better response. 5 eggs were retrieved and their quality was also good. Two grade AA blastocysts were formed and their transfer resulted in a positive pregnancy result. The couple were elated and are doing well in their ongoing pregnancy. Thus, with an individualized treatment protocol at Little Angel IVF, it is possible to achieve the best possible result even with the given challenges.

"Mrs. Sushma"


I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was a teenager. After marriage I had infertility problem. I had 3 IUI in Bangalore and all failed. We were suggested IVF. Then we moved to Noida and I started treatment with Dr Mona Ma’am. I started IVF and became pregnant in the first cycle all thanks to ma’am.

"Mrs. Ankita"

IVF Treatment Success Story

As a proud parent of a baby boy, we can’t thank Dr Mona enough for her sincere efforts, human touch, high precision work style, excellent work standards. During our search for best IVF specialist, finding Dr Mona was not difficult as she is one of the very few doctors about whom every social media review (google, quora, practo etc etc) is super positive. She gives enough time and calmly answers every single question of yours. Big bunch of thanks to you Ma’am for being a divine figure and gifting us and our family with most joyous moments in our life. Really appreciate sister Larni and Ashu for their support as well. We would highly recommend Dr Mona and her team to all the interested parents.

Bibhuti Ranjan


I am 31 years old and due to PCOS, I was not able to get pregnant. Then my friend suggested Dr Mona Dahiya ma’am and I visited her. IUI was planned and I was upset when it came negative. But Ma’am suggested one more try and I was so happy when it came positive second time. Thank you ma’am.

"Mrs. Shusma"


PCOS is a difficult disease. I was suffering with this problem and I used to miss my periods for 2-3 months. I tried IUI cycles but nothing worked. I thought I will never conceive and age was also advancing. Then after my office colleague suggested Dr Mona Dahiya, I started my treatment with her. I could not believe the pregnancy test after IVF when I saw the positive result. Today we are proud parents of a baby all thanks to God and Ma’am’s efforts. Thank you so much.

"Mrs. Archana"


PCOS was a big problem for me. After marriage I could not become pregnant and I was very sad. Then after reading on Google I visited Dr Mona Dahiya. After talking to ma’am I had some hope and I decided for IUI. I could not believe when I saw the positive result. Thank you so much Dr Mona ma’am.

"Mrs. Arpana"


We are so thankful to Dr Mona Dahiya Ma’am for giving us joy of being parents. We were so depressed, 10 years of marriage, no kids and lot of family pressure. Then we underwent IVF and in the first attempt itself we got a positive result. Ma’am was very precise in her treatment and we followed her advice strictly. As a result, we are happy to share the good news. Highly recommend ma’am.

"Mrs. Monika"


I had one miscarriage after marriage and could not become pregnant for long. PCOS only made it worse. Then I had IUI under treatment of Dr Mona Dahiya and today I am very happy to share the positive result.

"Mrs. Nandini"


PCOS, 2 miscarriages and lot of pressure. I had weight issues also and had given up all hope. I never thought I would be a mother. Then I visited Dr Mona Dahiya Ma’am and her calm behavior and treatment method put me at peace. I underwent IVF and am a happy parent now. It is my advice to all couples to visit Dr Mona Dahiya for the best treatment.

"Mrs. Neemita"


I was under treatment of a gynaecology for PCOS and when I could not become pregnant she referred me to Dr Mona Dahiya . I found ma’am to be very calm and she explained everything to me . I decided to undergo IUI since all other tests were normal. After the first IUI I was happy to see the positive result but I had a miscarriage. I was very sad but ma’am suggested another IUI cycle after a break. And it was the best decision since I became pregnant again and finally we have our baby girl. Without Dr Mona’s treatment , this would not have been possible. Thank you so much ma’am.

"Mrs. Sapna"


I had severe PCOS and 2 failed IVFs in Canada. When I was in India, I decided to give one last try. I did a lot of Google search and read reviews. Then I visited several doctors but finally I made up my mind to start treatment with Dr Mona Dahiya. And it was the best decision. We are proud parents of twins and are so happy. Thank you Ma’am.

"Mrs. Kalpana"


PCOS, weight issues, irregular cycles, I had so many problems and I never thought I will become a mother. But under Dr Mona Dahiya’s expert treatment I had a super result after IUI . I am a happy mother today!

"Mrs. Arzoo"


AMH is a hormonal test which indicates the ovarian reserve in a lady. The normal AMH ranges between 1ng/ml to 3 ng/ml. AMH is said to be low if it is less than 1 ng/ml. This indicates that the lady has less number of eggs in the ovaries. There are several causes for low AMH.

  1. Age Related: Usually AMH declines with age more so after 35years of age
  2. Endometriosis or chocolate cysts of the ovaries
  3. Premature ovarian failure

Several couples visit and consult Dr. Mona Dahiya at Little Angel IVF who has a low AMH and have had unsuccessful IVF attempts outside. In such IVF attempts, they have faced 3 major challenges

  1. Less number of eggs retrieved and poor quality embryos formed resulting in negative pregnancy test.
  2. Less number of eggs retrieved and no embryos formed resulting in no transfer
  3. No eggs retrieved.

The team under the leadership of Dr. Mona Dahiya reviews their case history in detail and a special individualized treatment plan is formulated for each couple. Mild stimulation or mini IVF is considered for those with extremely low reserve. Option of embryo pooling or embryo banking is also discussed.

 Mrs. Gitanjali 38 years lady approached us with c/o infertility and failed IVF attempt elsewhere. Her AMH was 0.6ng/ml with poor egg reserve. She had undergone an IVF attempt outside in which 2 eggs were retrieved 3 months back. However, none of the eggs resulted in any embryos and she did not have an embryo transfer. Dejected and disheartened, she approached Dr. Mona Dahiya at Little Angel IVF. A treatment plan for mild stimulation IVF or mini IVF was made. Stimulation resulted in retrieval of 5 eggs at Egg Pick up and 2 Grade AA blastocysts were formed which were transferred. Mrs. Gitanjali conceived twins and is currently 12 weeks pregnant. The right Protocol and individualized treatment help in achieving the best results for all couples at Little Angel IVF. Overcoming challenges like Low AMH is a possibility achieved by our team’s efforts and dedication. On the insistence of my friend, I have shared these low AMH success stories of life with you.

"Mrs. Gitanjali"


IVF Procedure can be done using self-eggs and sperms or by using donor eggs. Donor eggs are used only in certain indications:

  1. Very low egg reserve or low AMH
  2. Premature ovarian failure
  3. Poor quality eggs causing Repeated IVF Failures

At Little Angel IVF, many couples with the above indications have consulted us and have had positive results. Sharing one such success story. 

 Mrs. Geeta 35year female, wife of Mr. Gautam consulted us in Jan 2021. They had flown from Bangalore after unsuccessful IVF attempts there. Geeta had premature ovarian Failure meaning her ovaries had stopped functioning prematurely. Her FSH was 60IU/L and her cycles had stopped 2 years back. A series of tests were done in Bangalore but no apparent cause could be found. Thereafter, she underwent an Egg Donor cycle in Bangalore. Two Frozen embryo transfers were done at a gap of 2 months but both were negative. 

 At Little Angel IVF, a detailed analysis of her previous treatment was done by Dr Mona Dahiya and her team and an individualized treatment plan was formulated for Geeta. A suitable young married donor was chosen for her and stimulation done. Finally, two grade AA blastocysts were transferred and Geeta conceived twins. Her case is just one of the several successful Egg donor IVF experiences at Little Angel IVF. 

"Mrs. Geeta"


IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination. It is a simple procedure in which the semen sample is washed and prepared and gently deposited at the right time in the uterus. The wife is given some medicines and ultrasound is done to monitor the growth of the follicle or follicles. At the expected time of rupture of the follicles, IUI is done. It is a procedure where treatment cost is around Rs 7000 and is more economical than IVF. Since it is similar to the natural conception cycle, the success rate of IUI is 15-20%. When done for the appropriate couple, it yields good results. We, at Little Angel IVF, have many couples who have conceived under Dr. Mona Dahiya’s treatment by IUI. I am sharing such low AMH IUI success stories with you. 

 Mrs. Yachna 32 years’ age married for 5 years visited us with a history of PCOS. She had been under treatment elsewhere where an IUI was planned. Her AMH was 8 ng/ml. However, when oral medicines were started, it was noted at the other center that there was no follicular development. The cycle was canceled. In the next cycle there, she was given injections. Even after receiving several injections, there was no follicular development. Dejected, she consulted Dr. Mona Dahiya at Little Angel IVF. Here, a detailed assessment of the previous unsuccessful attempts was made. First medicines were given to correct her hormonal imbalance of PCOS. Diet and exercise further helped. A special protocol called step-up protocol was formulated for her. With all this treatment, Yachna had 2 follicles and a very good uterine lining. IUI was done at the right time and she conceived successfully. A balanced and holistic approach with an individualized protocol helps in maximizing IUI success rate for our couples. 

"Mrs. Yachna"


An important factor which influences the outcome of IVF is the age of the wife. It is well known that as the age advances and becomes more than 35 years, both the quality and number of eggs is compromised. Many couples come to us at this stage and Dr Mona Dahiya at Little Angel IVF has successfully treated such couples who have now become proud parents. So let’s hear poor egg quality IVF success stories from Gitanjali: 

 Mrs. Gitanjali came to Little Angel IVF as she was planning to conceive but was having problems. She was 41 years of age and was married for the last 1 year. A detailed workup was done by the team under the guidance of Dr. Mona Dahiya. Her AMH was 0.4ng/ml and the ultrasound showed a decreased egg reserve. A treatment plan was made considering all this and the patient was counseled for embryo pooling if the need arises. She underwent IVF and embryo pooling was done by stimulating in 2 cycles. Embryos were gathered and an embryo biopsy (PGS/PGT-A) was done to select only the normal or euploid embryos which were then transferred. After all these efforts, Gitanjali conceived and is the proud mother of a baby boy today. 

"Mrs. Gitanjali"


ICSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. It is a part of the IVF procedure. It involves picking up one sperm with a very fine ICSI needle and then injecting it into the egg. ICSI helps to maximize the chances of pregnancy especially in those couples who have a low sperm count. Thousands of couples have undergone ICSI under the treatment of Dr Mona Dahiya and have borne healthy children. Sharing one such story: 

 Mrs. Bhawna aged 34 years visited Little Angel IVF to consult Dr Mona Dahiya. She had been married for 8 years and had taken treatment elsewhere for many years but did not get any success. Then she read about Dr. Mona Dahiya online and decided to consult ma’am. A detailed history and examination revealed Bhawna was having Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOS) and her husband had a low sperm count (<2 million/ml). A detailed treatment plan was made by Dr Mona Dahiya and her team and the procedure of IVF was started. ICSI was done and 2 Grade A blastocysts that were formed were transferred. The remaining blastocysts were frozen. Bhawna conceived twins and gave birth to a healthy boy and a girl. Thus, an individualized treatment plan and ICSI have helped many couples to realize their dream of parenthood

"Mrs. Bhawna"


IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization. In this procedure, the sperm fertilizes the egg in the IVF lab and the resulting embryos or “babies” are then transferred into the womb. The embryos are usually transferred at either Day 3 stage or Day 5 stage called Blastocysts. The Blastocysts can be graded as A, B, C Grade depending on their Quality and 3, 4, 5 depending on their degree of expansion. Therefore, 4AA means an expanded blastocyst of A-grade or good quality. At Little Angel IVF, Dr. Mona Dahiya along with the team makes an individualized treatment plan for all couples and depending on the patient profile and the progress of the embryos a decision is made either to transfer Day 3 or Day 5 (blastocyst) embryos. Sharing the experience of one such couple who conceived after Day 5 embryos graded 4AA were transferred.

 Mrs Richa, 34 years consulted Dr Mona Dahiya at Little Angel IVF. She had been married for 10 years and had undergone 2 failed IUI and one failed IVF elsewhere in Punjab. A detailed analysis of all the reports and previous records was done. The embryos transferred in the last IVF were day 3 and B grade. It was decided that the injections given in the stimulation during the last IVF needed a little change and a different stimulation protocol was formulated for her. The strategy worked and the response to the injections was better resulting in formation of 4 blastocysts. It was decided to transfer 2 blastocysts (4AA and 4 BAB) and the remaining 2 blastocysts were frozen. The patient conceived twins and gave birth to 2 healthy baby boys. Thus, an individualized treatment protocol and transfer of good quality embryos have helped countless couples achieve the joy of parenthood. Thank you who gave me a chance to share my 4aa embryo success stories.

"Mrs. Richa"

IUI Success Stories

My Wife and I were taking treatment at Roorkee. We have a 5 year daughter and are planning a second baby. We got 2 IUIs done but the doctor told us that the opening of the womb was very narrow and they could not do the IUI properly. We were worried. After searching online, we consulted Dr Mona Dahiya ma’am. She went through our case history in detail. Finally we underwent the IUI under anesthesia and she informed us that a special catheter was used for the IUI. We did not conceive in the first attempt but in the second attempt, we are happy to share that my wife conceived. We are so very thankful to ma’am . 

"Harsh Sharma"

Success Story of IUI

I underwent a natural cycle IUI under Dr Mona Dahiya’s treatment. And I could not believe it when my pregnancy test was positive in the first attempt itself. I am very thankful to ma’am and highly recommend her. 

"Mrs. Manvi Bansal"

Success Story of IVF

My name is Sneha Tyagi. Today I am going to tell you my 2 eggs retrieved success stories. I consulted Dr Mona Dahiya after my friend highly recommended her. I had one failed IVF at Chennai. After meeting ma’am, we were very comfortable and discussed everything in detail. I went through the IVF Embryo Pooling cycle and with a lot of effort, finally I am positive. I am very thankful to Dr Mona Dahiya ma’am and highly recommend all couples who want to have a baby to consult her. 

"Mrs. Sneha Tyagi"

IVF Success Story

After 2 Failed IUIs, my wife and I were very disappointed. Then my office colleague asked us to consult Dr Mona Dahiya at Little Angel IVF. We read the online reviews also and decided to meet her. We decided to undergo the IVF process and with great hope and faith everything went well. By God’s grace under ma’ams treatment my wife is now eight months pregnant. These one egg retrieved IVF success stories will help people to choose the right hospital in the future. Thank you so much ma’am.

"Mrs. Parul Sinha"

Low AMH IVF Success Stories India

Thanks for writing your feedback on Low AMH IVF Success Stories on our website. We have made Little Angel IVF the best IVF clinic in India because of your blessings. It is always our endeavor that everyone should get successful treatment at affordable prices and may your life be filled with happiness.


"Dr. Mona Dahiya"

IVF Specialist, Little Angel IVF

IVF Success Story

I had 3 failed IUI cycles and was very disappointed. It seemed I will never get pregnant. Then after reading Google reviews, we met Dr Mona Dahiya . Immediately after the first meeting we had so much confidence to proceed with IVF. And we are so happy to share that I became pregnant in my first IVF cycle . Thank you ma’am.


"Mrs. Divya Rana"

Low AMH Natural Pregnancy Success Story

I had a late marriage. When I got married at 35 years and wanted to start family, doctor told that my AMH is very low. I went to several doctors and all asked me to go for donor eggs. But we were not ready. Then I consulted Dr Mona Dahiya. Under her treatment, I took some medicines and underwent ultrasounds. I came to know about fertile window and tried naturally. In the third cycle, I was pregnant. I think very few doctors could have guided me so well and we will remain ever thankful to ma’am.


"Mrs. Manshi Sharma"

Day 3 Embryo Transfer Success Story

I had 2 failed IVFs at Bangalore. Then we moved to Noida. Here we consulted Dr Mona Dahiya as my friend had conceived under her treatment. I underwent my third IVF and had transfer. It was day 3 but embryos were both good. I feel so lucky that it worked and I am pregnant. All thanks to God and Ma’am.


"Mrs. Aanchal Kamboj"

IVF Success Story

My case was a difficult one. I had very narrow opening of the womb and had previous 2 failed IVF at another centre in Delhi because of this. Everytime the embryo transfer was done I had bleeding. Then I consulted Dr Mona Dahiya. She studied all my records and decided for a hysteroscopy and cervical shaving. To put it briefly, I conceived after the IVF cycle with her. Unbelievable! Words are not enough to than ma’am.


"Mrs. Shahana"

Low AMH Natural Pregnancy Success Story

I think it was a miracle. I got married very early and had 2 pregnancies but we did not want a baby that time so we did not go ahead. Later on at 38 years when I started trying and could not conceive , I was told that it was due to Low AMH. I did not want to undergo any procedure so I started trying with medicines and regular ultrasound under treatment of Dr Mona Dahiya. I am happy that it worked though it took little time. Thank you so much ma’am.


"Mrs. Manisha Singh"

Day 3 Embryo Transfer Success Story

I had low egg count and was very scared. After reading reviews, we met Dr Mona Dahiya ma’am. She explained everything in detail and we started our treatment. Because egg were less we had day 3 not day 5 transfer. But we are so lucky to have twins! . Thanks to you ma’am.


"Mrs. Nidhi Mehra"