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We Specialize in Online fertility consultations. We have been at the forefront of Online virtual Fertility Consultation since 2010.Individuals or couples can discuss their fertility issues with India’s Top Infertility specialist Dr. Mona Dahiya from the comfort of their own home. Our Online Fertility Consultation sessions are conducted using What’s App/Zoom/Team video and other conferencing technologies which allowing for face-to-face communication without the need for physical travel. During online consultation, patients can share their medical history, discuss symptoms, receive expert advice, and plan further diagnostic tests or treatments based on their conditions.

Over 5000 couples have greatly benefited from our Online Fertility Consultation at Little Angel IVF. This service has proven to be particularly invaluable for patients outside the Delhi NCR region, who seek the expertise of India’s renowned fertility doctor, Dr. Mona Dahiya, at affordable prices. Through these consultations, patients receive accurate diagnoses, which are crucial first steps in addressing fertility challenges. This accessibility has transformed the way fertility care is delivered, providing expert guidance and support right from the comfort of patients’ homes.

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1. Convenience:

Online consultations eliminate the need to travel to our Fertility clinic, saving time and reducing the hassle of Physical visit. It is especially convenient for those living Overseas and outside Delhi NCR Region.

2. Privacy:

Engaging with our fertility specialist from the privacy of your own home can provide a more comfortable and confidential environment to discuss personal and sensitive issues.

3. Accessibility:

Our Online consultations make it easier for anyone to access India’s Top fertility Doctor regardless of geographical barriers. This is particularly beneficial for people in remote areas or those who have mobility limitations.

4. Flexibility:

Scheduling is often more flexible with online consultations. It allows appointments to fit around personal and professional commitments more easily than traditional in-person visits.

5. Continuity of Care:

Patients can maintain continuity with the same Fertility specialist regardless of any changes in their location. Additionally, online follow-ups can be easily arranged, ensuring ongoing support and care.

6. Safety:

It is Particularly relevant during times when health concerns like pandemics make in-person visits risky. Online consultations provide a safe alternative that avoids exposure to health risks.

Little Angel IVF online fertility consultations offer a modern, flexible, and efficient way to access specialized fertility care with Globally acclaimed Fertility Doctor Dr Mona Dahiya

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Dr Mona Dahiya


  • MBBS (Gold Medalist)
  • Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi
  • MD (Gold Medalist)
  • Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi
  • Senior Residency
  • Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi
  • DNB (Obs & Gynae)
  • Diplomate of National Board
  • Fellowship in IVF & Reproductive Medicine
  • Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

How Our Online Fertility Consultation Works

1.Booking Your Appointment

  • Visit our website www.littleangelivf.com
  • Fill Out the Consultation Form.
  • You Will Receive a Call from Our Patient Co-Ordinator
  • Make an Online Payment to Confirm Booking.

3. What to Expect During the Consultation

  • Dr. Mona Dahiya will review your medical history.
  • You will be asked your fertility challenges and symptoms.
  • Dr. Dahiya will provide advice, Tests, and treatment options.
  • Share your fertility issues openly with 100% Confidentiality.

2.Preparing for the Consultation

  • Gather Medical Records of treatments you have undergone.
  • Compile a list of any prescriptions or supplements you are taking.
  • Prepare Questions to ensure all your concerns are addressed.
  • Check your internet connection and Phone Battery Status.

4. Follow-Up Procedures

  • Post the consultation, a prescription will be issued to you.
  • The Prescription will detail Medication & Diagnostic Tests.
  • Follow-up appointments if required will be Mentioned.
  • You Can Share updates regarding your treatment progress.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that every step of your fertility treatment journey is handled with care and precision. Our Online Fertility Consultations are aimed to maximize your convenience and enhancing your chances of a successful outcome.


Little Angel IVF provides a comprehensive range of services through its online consultation platform, each tailored to assist individuals and couples at various stages of their fertility journey. Here is a detailed list of the ten key services offered:

Fertility Treatment Planning: Develops personalized treatment plans based on the patient’s specific fertility issues, medical history, and personal preferences to optimize the chances of a successful pregnancy.

IVF Counseling: We Offer guidance and information about the IVF process, helping patients understand what to expect, the risks, and the success rates associated with in vitro fertilization.

Second Opinions: We Provide expert second opinions on existing fertility treatment plans, offering reassurance or recommending adjustments based on the latest fertility practices and insights.

Monitoring and Progress Updates: Involves regular monitoring of the patient’s treatment progress through virtual check-ins and updates, ensuring that adjustments are made as necessary.

Post-Treatment Support: Offers support and advice following treatment, including guidance on early pregnancy care, and addressing any concerns that arise post-procedure.

Fertility Preservation Advice: We Guide patients on options for fertility preservation, such as egg freezing or sperm freezing, suitable for individuals who plan to delay parenthood.

Lifestyle Counseling: We Offer advice on lifestyle changes that can enhance fertility, including nutritional guidance, exercise plans, and stress reduction techniques.

Genetic Counseling: We Provide information and support on genetic concerns related to fertility and pregnancy, including discussions about the benefits and considerations of genetic screening and testing.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Evaluation: Assists patients who have experienced multiple pregnancy losses, aiming to identify underlying causes and develop a management strategy to improve outcomes in future pregnancies.

Each of our service is designed to ensure that patients receive the most thorough and empathetic care possible, leveraging the convenience and accessibility of online consultations to enhance patient experience and outcomes.


At Little Angel IVF, the assurance of patient privacy and data security is paramount. Our clinic adheres to strict confidentiality protocols to protect personal and medical information. We Utilize advanced security tools such as Google Identity, Access Management, data encryption features and detailed audit logs to help safeguard data and maintain privacy. We ensure that all patient data, including medical records, consultation details, and personal information, are securely stored and managed.

Our Fertility clinic complies with relevant health data protection regulations, which mandate rigorous safeguards to prevent unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of patient data. All digital communications, including online consultations, are encrypted, ensuring that interactions between patients and our Fertility Doctor remain confidential. Little Angel IVF’s staff undergo regular training on privacy policies and the secure handling of patient information, reinforcing our clinic’s commitment to data security. Patients are also informed about how their information is used and are required to give consent before any personal data is processed, thereby upholding transparency and trust in the clinic’s practices. Our comprehensive approach ensures that patients can engage with their treatments confidently, knowing their personal and medical information is secure.


Consultation Fees | ₹ 1000 INR | For Indian Patients.

Consultation Fees | 25 USD $ | For Foreign Nationals.

Payment Options | UPI | Cards | Net Banking.

Little Angel IVF offers tailored packages for multiple consultations and extended care plans to meet diverse patient needs. These packages provide continuous support and extensive care throughout your fertility journey. For detailed information and to choose the best option for you, please discuss with our Patient Coordinator.



    Here are the top 20 frequently asked questions (FAQs) about online fertility consultations, each with a concise answer to help prospective patients understand the process and prepare for their sessions:

    What is an online fertility consultation?

    An online fertility consultation is a virtual meeting with a fertility specialist like Dr Mona Dahiya to discuss your reproductive health and treatment options from the comfort of your home.

    How do I book an online consultation?

    You can book an online consultation through our website by filling the Consultation Form. Our Patient Co-Ordinator will help you select a date and time that suits you.

    What technology do I need for the consultation?

    You will need a stable internet connection, a computer or a smartphone and access to a quiet private space.

    How should I prepare for my online consultation?

    • Gather any relevant medical records.
    • Share your medical history if some records are missing.
    • Prepare questions you have for the doctor.

    What happens during an online consultation?

    Our Fertility specialist Dr Mona Dahiya will do the following.

    1. Review your Medical history
    2. Discuss your fertility concerns and
    3. Suggest diagnostic tests or treatment options.

    Can I get a prescription through an online consultation?

    Yes, our Fertility Doctor will determine your need for any medication and a prescription will be shared with you on What’s APP or E-Mail.

    Is my privacy protected during an online consultation?

    Yes, all our online Fertility consultations are conducted using secure platforms that comply with privacy laws to protect your personal and medical information.

    How long does an online consultation last?

    Typically, an online consultation lasts between 30 to 45 minutes, depending on your specific needs and questions.

    What should I do if I experience technical issues during the consultation?

    Ensure you have a reliable internet connection for an online call on What’s APP/Zoom or Teams Call. Our clinic will reschedule the online appointment if unresolved issues occur.

    Are online consultations as effective as in-person visits?

    Yes, for many aspects of fertility care, online consultations can be just as effective as in-person visits, especially for initial assessments and follow-up appointments.

    Can I include my partner in the consultation?

    Yes, it is encouraged to include your partner in the consultation to understand the fertility process and discuss treatment options together.

    What types of fertility issues can be addressed in an online consultation?

    All types, from initial fertility assessments to discussing treatment options like IVF, IUI, or specific reproductive health concerns.

    How do I receive follow-up information after the consultation?

    Follow-up information, including a summary of the consultation and any next steps, will be sent to you via email or through What’s APP.

    Can I request a specific doctor for my consultation?

    Yes, you can request consultations with specific fertility doctors if they are available, depending on our clinic’s policies. In most cases, all online fertility consultations are personally conducted by India’s Top Infertility Doctor, Dr Mona Dahiya.

    What are the costs associated with an online consultation?

    Costs vary based on Indian Nationals and Foreign Nationals. Our Pricing for online fertility consultation is Rs 1000/- for Indian Nationals and 25 USD $ For Foreign Nationals.

    How secure is the payment process for online consultations?

    Our payment process uses secure, encrypted platforms ensuring your financial information is protected.

    What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

    Our Fertility Clinic offers the ability to cancel or reschedule appointments online. Check the specific cancellation policy on our website or contact with our Patient Co-Ordinator at +91-9267982924

    Will I receive any physical documents?

    Any necessary documents are sent electronically.

    How can I ensure the best possible outcome from my online consultation?

    Be prepared with all necessary documentation, have a list of questions ready, and be in a quiet environment to focus on your discussion with the specialist.

    Can I continue my treatment at a local clinic after an online consultation?

    Yes, our infertility specialist can often coordinate with local clinics to ensure you receive seamless care tailored to your needs.