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Endometriosis Treatment Clinic in Noida

Little Angel IVF is a specialized endometriosis treatment clinic in Noida. We Provide advanced diagnostics, hormonal therapies, surgical options and assisted reproductive technologies for patients seeking comprehensive Endometriosis Treatment in Noida.


Little Angel IVF is a Top endometriosis Treatment Clinic in Noida. We offer the widest range of treatment options for Endometriosis. Our team led by Dr Mona Dahiya is deeply aware of the complexities of this condition and we employ a personalized approach for each patient. We initiate care with in-depth diagnostics, using cutting-edge imaging and laparoscopy to determine the severity of endometriosis Treatment, guiding us to create bespoke treatment plans. Our therapeutic approach includes hormonal treatments designed to lessen pain and inhibit the growth of endometrial tissue. Recognizing the fertility challenges posed by endometriosis, we provide advanced reproductive assistance such as IVF and IUI which improves prospects for conception.

We also perform minimally invasive surgeries like laparoscopic excision to reduce discomfort and enhance fertility. At Little Angel IVF, our mission is to offer top-tier care to empower women with endometriosis to reclaim their health and fertility, and improve their quality of life.

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At Little Angel IVF, we offer specialized services for comprehensive endometriosis treatment Clinic in Noida.

Diagnosis: Pelvic Exam | Ultrasound | MRI | Laparoscopy | Biopsy

Hormone Therapy: Estrogen | Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone | Progestins

Fertility Treatment: IUI | IVF |ICSI IVF | Mini IVF |Donor IVF

Surgery: Laparoscopy | Laparotomy | Hysterectomy | Ovarian Cystectomy

Little Angel IVF in Noida offers a complete endometriosis treatment program, including diagnostic tools, hormone therapy, fertility treatments and surgical interventions. Our comprehensive support for Endometriosis includes pain management, nutritional advice, and counselling. Little Angel IVF in Noida provides advanced, personalized endometriosis treatment, helping women achieve better health and improved fertility.


Dr. Mona Dahiya is a distinguished specialist renowned for her expertise in treating endometriosis. With a rich background that includes extensive training and experience in some of the world’s leading medical institutions, Dr. Dahiya brings a wealth of knowledge to Endometriosis Treatment.

Her approach to endometriosis treatment is both compassionate and comprehensive. Consulting with Dr. Dahiya for endometriosis treatment offers several benefits. She stays abreast of the latest advancements in medical research, ensuring her patients benefit from cutting-edge therapies. Her holistic approach addresses not just the physical symptoms but also the psychological impacts of endometriosis. She is India’s Foremost Infertility Doctor with over 25 Years of Experience. Dr. Dahiya’s empathetic nature and exceptional communication skills foster a trusting and comforting environment for her patients. She ensures that they are fully informed and actively involved in their treatment plans. Dr Mona Dahiya is widely recognized as an Expert in Endometriosis Treatment Clinic in Noida.