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    Best IVF Doctor in Milann Fertility Center, New Delhi

    Dr Mona Dahiya is a highly renowned IVF specialist in Delhi, offering comprehensive treatment and care to couples who are not able to conceive their own. Dr Mona Dahiya is considered as the best IVF Doctor in Milann Fertility Center due to her progressive and caring approach towards her every patient. For greater chances of success through her treatment, Dr Mona Dahiya first explores your medical history, your exact needs, determining the most viable treatment, and then discusses it with you thoroughly.

    When You Need to Visit IVF Specialist in Delhi

    In-vitro fertilization (IVF) helps couples overcome various types of infertility. Some of the reasons due to which you need to visit IVF specialist are as follows.

    • Damage to Fallopian tube or Pelvic Adhesive disease
    • Suffering from Endometriosis
    • Men sufferingfrom severe sperm abnormalities
    • Reduced Ovarian Function due to the age
    • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

    Why Get the Infertility Treatment in Milann Fertility Center, New Delhi?

    At Milann Fertility Center your search for an advanced and reputed fertility center ends. Here you can be assured of the following benefits while seeking IVF treatment from IVF experts.

    • India’s leading chain of fertility centres
    • Advanced medical treatment options in the field of IVF
    • Has redefined high-tech fertility care in India
    • Extensively trained and experienced IVF experts
    • Having a technological edge over its competitors

    Our Vision

    Awarded as the Leading IVF Center in Noida for Giving Birth to Hope and Joy.

    Our Mission

    Helping Couples Realize their dreams to become Happy parents by Providing World class medical Facilities with ethics and Transparency.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the IVF process Works?
    IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization. The process of conceiving a baby takes place in the mother’s womb in a natural way. However, if a woman is unable to conceive naturally, she can conceive through IVF. The IVF Process is also called “Test tube “baby. As the name suggests, the process of conception takes place in a Laboratory. During the IVF Process, the Wife’s eggs are retrieved from her body and the husband’s sperm sample is then prepared to choose the best sperms. The egg fertilizes the sperm in the Laboratory, and the embryos or “babies” are grown in the laboratory till a suitable stage. Thereafter, the embryos which are of best quality and which are most likely to result in pregnancy are then chosen by the IVF Doctor. One or two such embryos are then gently transferred in the wife’s womb to achieve a successful pregnancy. The mother carries the baby in her womb for 9 months to deliver a healthy baby. Little Angel IVF is rated as the Best IVF Center in India for Infertility Treatment. The Best IVF Doctor in India, Dr Mona Dahiya explains all the steps of IVF in a detailed way to all the couples.
    How much time IVF takes?
    IVF process involves 2 main procedures. These are

      1. EGG COLLECTION and

    The process of IVF takes nearly 2 WEEKS. The wife is given injections over a period of one week to enable the proper growth of eggs. The Eggs are then retrieved from her body under anesthesia. The husband provides a semen sample and it is prepared to choose the best sperms. The sperm then fertilizes the eggs and the resulting embryos are grown in the Laboratory till a suitable stage when they are strong enough to be gently transferred in the wife’s womb. The entire process takes nearly two weeks.

    What is the cost of IVF treatment?
    IVF cost can be divided into two parts: Fixed Cost & Variable Cost

      1. Fixed Cost: The cost of the procedure as decided by the IVF Center or IVF Doctor
      2. Variable Cost: The cost of the hormonal injections may vary depending on the wife’s age and egg reserve.

    Put together the IVF Cost in India is between Rs 1.5 to 2 Lakh i.e. between 2000 USD to 3000 USD. Little Angel IVF offers the most affordable IVF Price with the Highest IVF Success Rate. Little Angel IVF has world class IVF facilities headed by world’s best IVF Doctor and India’s Best Embryologist. The Expert Infertility Treatment team at Little Angel IVF does a detailed counseling of each and every couple with all details shared to help couples wanting to conceive through IVF.

    What is IUI Process?
    IUI stands for INTR-UTERINE INSEMINATION. It is a simple and a painless fertility process which helps a couple to conceive if they are not able to conceive naturally. In the IUI process, the wife is given some oral tablets for growth of the eggs in her body. The growth process of Eggs is monitored by doing ultrasound by Dr Mona Dahiya, widely regarded as the Best IVF Doctor in India. Once the eggs are ready, an injection is given for the rupture of egg/eggs. The husband then provides a semen sample which is processed. This sample is then gently deposited in the wife’s womb by a fine and soft catheter in a 5-minute procedure. Once Done, the pregnancy test is done 2 weeks after the IUI to know the result. The process is explained in detail to all the couples who visit us at Little Angel IVF for IUI Treatment. Little Angel IVF is known for the Best IUI Success rate in India.IUI is very affordable with the cost of IUI treatment around 10,000 Rs.
    Is IVF process painful?
    IVF is a very PATIENT FRIENDLY procedure conducted by the Best IVF Clinic in India. One of the IVF Myths is that often couples believe that IVF is a painful process.IVF is a painless process and involves the following two.

      1. IVF Injections: These are given with a very fine needle just like Insulin is given to diabetic patients. Most of the diabetic patients take the insulin injections themselves on a daily basis. Similarly, the IVF injections are given by a fine needle and do not cause any pain.
      2. The process of EGG PICK UP: This is done under general anesthesia and the female experiences no pain.

    In summary, IVF Process is not painful. At Little Angel IVF, you can be assured of a painless IVF procedure done by globally acclaimed IVF Doctor, Dr Mona Dahiya. All couples at the Best IVF Centre in India are well informed and counseled about the painless IVF process. One should have no anxiety about undergoing a painless IVF procedure at Little Angel IVF.

    What is infertility?
    Infertility is the inability of a couple to conceive. According to World Health Organization, if a couple is unable to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse, then they may be suffering from infertility and should most certainly seek expert opinion from the best IVF Doctor. The problem may lie in the wife or in the husband or both. Documented research proves that male infertility and female infertility and/or both have an equal reason for infertility issues. Little Angel IVF does the Best Infertility Tests to find the causes of infertility and accordingly suggests the best infertility treatment by India’s Top IVF Doctor.
    Can PCOS affect my fertility?
    PCOS or POLCYSTIC OVARIAN DISEASE is a condition in which there is hormonal imbalance in the body of the lady. As a result of this, there is a difficulty in proper formation of the egg every month in the ovary, and many menstrual cycles are such that no eggs are developed resulting in “Anovulatory Infertility”. At times, the egg formed is not of good quality for IVF success. The menstrual cycles are irregular and could be the main reasons for infertility in PCOS. This can be corrected by medicines and High pregnancy rate can be achieved at Little Angel IVF. Little Angel IVF is consulted by most infertile couples from all over the world with PCOS looking for IVF Treatment in India to become parents. At the Best IVF Hospital in India, you can be assured that we will do a detailed assessment and plan an infertility treatment procedure that is best suited to get the best IVF results.
    Is there any connection between stress and infertility?
    In modern times, stress is a major cause of infertility. Fast paced and stressful modern lifestyle has resulted in many health issues and infertility is one of them. In males, stress can interfere with hormones and cause un-healthy sperms and lead to low sperm count. Stress can also be attributed for erection and ejaculation problems leading to male infertility problems. In females, stress may affect egg production and cause irregular menstrual cycles leading to female infertility issues. In Indian society, infertility is associated with a social stigma and thus infertility causes stress and hence stress causes infertility is a leading indicator of infertility. Our World Class Infertility Counselling protocols are committed to ensure that Couples are relaxed and cope with the anxiety and stress associated with infertility. It is a Documented fact that Meditation and relaxation techniques help in decreasing stress levels and achieving successful IVF pregnancy.
    Is it important for both the partners to be tested for infertility?
    Infertility is caused by several factors and both partners should do tests for infertility to ascertain the infertility issues. Infertility is about Male Infertility issues and Female Infertility issues. These infertility causes can be present in the husband, the wife or both. Hence, it is important that both the husband and the wife undergo infertility tests to find out the cause of infertility. In one third of the cases of infertility, the cause lies in the wife, in one third the cause in the husband and in the rest one third, the cause may be present in both the husband and the wife. Male infertility problems may be due to a low or absent sperm Count. Female infertility problems may be due to non-production of eggs or blocked tubes. At Little Angel IVF, after a thorough history and detailed examination, we advise infertility investigations to the couple to detect the exact cause of infertility.
    Is it possible for a woman in her 40’s to have a baby?
    Yes, and most certainly, it is highly possible for a woman to have IVF pregnancy in 40’s. The main factors affecting fertility in a lady is the egg reserve and her physical health. Though egg reserve declines rapidly after 35 years, yet many women in their 40s may achieve pregnancy if they have Fertile Eggs. In case of difficulty in conception, it is advisable to consult an Expert IVF Specialist who does a detailed medical IVF assessment and guides to achieve a successful pregnancy at 40 years of age. Depending on the couple’s reports, natural conception, IUI or IVF, Dr Mona Dahiya will decide the best IVF treatment for females in forties. Little Angel IVF is known globally for the highest IVF Success rate for women in forties. In select cases, during IVF, an embryo biopsy (PGS) may most certainly help in improving the chances of IVF success. We at Little Angel IVF have helped 3000 Plus Couples become happy parents. We are Delighted that Patients globally rate Little Angel IVF as the Best IVF Clinic in the World.
    Are Fertility treatments expensive in India?
    India is considered as an affordable IVF destination for medical tourism globally. As a matter of fact, IVF Cost in India is cheaper than most countries across the globe. Little Angel IVF offers the cheapest infertility treatment in the world as compared to Global IVF rates in USA, UK, Europe and Singapore. Thousands of infertile couples seeking IVF treatment travel from overseas to India for the most affordable IVF treatment in India at Little Angel IVF. The success rates of IVF in India is at par with the global standards due to advancement in medical technology. However, Little Angel IVF is globally known for the Highest IVF Success rate in the world.
    Can acupressure improve fertility?
    Acupuncture or acupressure may help in improving fertility according to some IVF studies conducted globally. Research has shown that by acupressure, the blood circulation improves to various organs and it balances the hormones. Hence, it may help in egg quality and sperm production. While, improving fertility through acupressure is not recognized by Medical science, it is important to have a holistic approach while achieving a successful pregnancy and focus on improving one’s health and diet rather than relying on any one technique. It is highly suggested by every Top IVF specialist that one should have a balanced diet and a Healthy Lifestyle to improve infertility.