How To Conceive Fast?

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Fertility

How to Get Pregnant Fast?

As per the World Bank Data, the Rate of Fertility in India as per the 2019 Study is 2.2 which is an indication of Birth per Woman. India’s TFR (Total Fertility Rate) has now come Down to 2.1 as per National Health Survey Conducted in 2021. It is clearly apparent that the fertility rate is reducing with every passing decade. Dr. Mona Dahiya is considered one of the Best IVF Doctors in India, she is inundated with common questions regarding how to conceive fast and lists the Top 3 Common Questions from Patients.

1. Ways to Conceive Naturally

Getting Pregnant Naturally requires Frequent Intercourse Every Month and it is recommended that Couples should have Unprotected Sex at least 2 times a week. Fertility is also linked to Food Habits and the consumption of Citrus Fruits, Promegante, Beans, Lentils, Eggs, and Dy Fruits helps women conceive naturally faster. If Truth be Told, adopting a Healthy Lifestyle is the best way to conceive naturally which essentially means that one has to Eat Healthily, Drink Healthy and avoid the Stress Burden of a Modern Lifestyle. Married Couples should not view Sex as a Mechanical process to bear kids but as a passionate Loving union to start a Family.

2. Ways to Pregnant Quickly

Timing the Ovulation Cycle to have planned intercourse is perhaps the Quickest way to get pregnant. Every Woman releases an Egg During ovulation which is alive for about 24 hours. Having sex 12 Hours before the Ovulation Date increases the Chance to get pregnant quickly. Some Basic Rules-Don’t use Lubricants, obviously avoid condoms, forget about the so-called Sexual Positions and focus on enjoying sex to ensure that the Male Partner Ejaculates inside the Vagina of a Woman. It is important to note that one should not have Alcoholic Beverages before the Intercourse as some Men may have Erectile issues and for those who don’t, ejaculation becomes an issue.

3. Medicines to Getting Pregnant Fast

Couples who are unable to conceive within a year while they have been sexually active i.e., having unprotected sex at least once every month should ideally meet an infertility doctor. Based on Tests and examinations, an infertility specialist may recommend certain Fertility Drugs that essentially are stimulating Hormones that support ovulation. Some of these drugs are Oral Medications while Others are Injectables Drugs. Drugs like Metformin, Bromocriptine, Clomiphene, Gonadotropins, and many others can be administered but it depends on the History of a Patient. There is No such “Pop a Pill” that can cure Fertility Problems and Couples should be wary of misleading information shared on internet Commerce Sites or Pharmacy Outlets.

India’s Leading IVF Doctor, Dr. Mona Dahiya shares a 5 Point Checklist for Getting Pregnant without undergoing any Infertility Treatment Procedure like IUI or IVF.

Tips for Getting Pregnant

  1. Say No to Smoking or Drinking.
  2. Strictly Avoid Recreation Drugs.
  3. Exercise Regularly for a Healthy BMI.
  4. Eat Healthy Home-Made Food.
  5. Avoid Stress and Enjoy Life.

Dr. Mona Dahiya of has impacted the Life of over 5000 couples by helping them tide over their infertility issues and start a family. Book an Online Consultation with India’s Best Infertility Doctor, Dr. Mona Dahiya to increase your chances of getting pregnant.