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There are 30 million couples suffering from infertility in India. Yet due to the social stigma associated with it, they do not discuss the issue openly. As a result, there are several myths about fertility procedures and IVF. In this blog, we will be busting the topmost common myths about IVF and infertility.

What Are the Common Myths around IVF?

Let us have a look on top 5 most common myths around IVF and infertility treatments that can be easily observed in India.

Myth 1: Only the wife is responsible for the infertility

This myth is totally baseless. When we assess the causes of infertility, it has been seen that the wife is responsible in one third of the cases, the husband is also responsible in another one third of the cases and in the remaining one third of the couples the cause may lie in both the husband and wife. Therefore, it is essential that both the husband and the wife undergo investigations to detect the cause of infertility.

Myth 2: If the first pregnancy was natural, them no difficulty will be encountered in the second conception.

Many couples when trying for a second child wait for a long time and hesitate to consult a fertility expert thinking on the above lines which is not true. Diseases like endometriosis and tuberculosis may affect after the first pregnancy and cause secondary infertility. Therefore, timely consultation is advisable.

Myth 3: IVF is a painful procedure

This is not true. IVF being painful is one of the most common myths around IVF, instead it is becoming more patient friendly now-a-days. The injections received in IVF are by a very fine needle and do not cause much pain. They are very similar to the insulin injections that many diabetics receive throughout life and can be taken easily. Therefore, thinking that IVF is extremely painful is also a wrong notion.

Myth 4: Hormonal injections have serious side effects

Many wives enquire about the side effects of the IVF injections but this concern is just one more myth around IVF. The injections in IVF do not have a very long half-life and are thus excreted out of the body soon. Careful monitoring during the IVF procedure further prevents the minor side effects.

Myth 5: Egg retrieval is a painful procedure

Many ladies are scared of the Egg Retrieval procedure. This is a simple procedure done under ultrasound guidance through vaginal route and does not require any major surgery or laparoscopy. Moreover, general anaesthesia is given during the procedure and there is no pain.

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